Nov. 6, 2018 U.S. Senate

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"I'm not a professional or practiced politician and I am not looking to build a long Senate career by adopting the ways of Washington. Having Senators camped out on the far left and on the far right will only lead to more hostility. I believe if the problem-solving coalition grows, the power will shift to those focused on results."

I'll work to find bipartisan, common-sense solutions to the issues facing Rhode lsland:

✓    Achieving affordable and accessible healthcare

✓    Reducing regulatory burdens on small businesses

✓    Repairing and replacing aging infrastructure

✓    Ensuring an effective, yet practica! environmental policy

✓    Eradicating the scourge of opioid addiction

✓    lmproving border security and reforming our immigration laws

✓    Assuring fair and equitable taxation

✓    Restructuring and reforming our education system

Bob Flanders is not a partisan warrior or a career politician; he's a living embodiment of the American Dream — someone who went from working as a garbageman to serving the people of Rhode Island as a Justice on the State's highest Court.

•    Recruited to attend Brown on a financia! aid scholarship, he quarterbacked the football team, set the Brown and lvy League records for the longest run from scrimmage, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and was drafted by and played professional baseball for the Detroit Tigers organization

•    Graduated from Harvard Law School

•    Elected twice to the Barrington Town Council

•    Served as a Rhode lsland Supreme Court Justice

•    Eliminated a $6 miIlion operating deficit and restructured the financially bankrupt city of Central Falls while serving there as the State's appointed Receiver

•    Former Chair of RI Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education


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Robert Flanders is a proud Rhode Islander. He grew up in a humble middle-class family – his mother worked in fast food restaurants, while his father was a union steward in an airplane factory for the U.S. military and a salesman for food distributors. Neither of his parents graduated from college.
    The oldest of seven children, Flanders received a financial aid scholarship to Brown University: when he wasn't studying or competing, he supported his education by working as a garbage man, dishwasher, and bagger in a mattress factory, among other forms of labor. At Brown, he quarterbacked the football team; was elected to Phi Beta Kappa; captained the baseball team, and was an All-American. He was then drafted by the Detroit Tigers, where he played in the minor leagues.
    After graduating from Harvard Law, Flanders returned to Rhode Island to raise his family and pursue his legal career. He got his start in public service as a Town Councilman in Barrington, Rhode Island. Flanders also served as a town solicitor, executive legal counsel to the govemor, and special prosecutor for the Judicial Tenure and Discipline Commission. In 1996, after a successful career in private practice, and after founding his own litigation law firm, he was selected to serve on Rhode Island's highest court. Bob's appointment to the Supreme Court carne as one of the first judicial appointments from the Judicial Merit Selection Commission. After a career of eight-and-a-half years on the Supreme Court, during which he authored over 400 opinions – including notable dissents evidencing bis strong, independent convictions – Flanders retired on his own accord to retum to private practice.
    In 2011, the state govemment recognized his skills as an effective problem solver and appointed Flanders as the Receiver for the financially troubled City of Central Falls. As the state-appointed Receiver, he led the city through a first-ever bankruptcy restructuring and reorganization process, which resulted in a consensual plan of debt adjustment and recovery for the city – it saved Central Falls and its taxpayers over $30 million over the next five years.
    Throughout his career, Flanders has served as a member of numerous charitable commissions, including the Care New England Hospital system, the Brown Leadership Advisory Council, the Providence Performing Arts Center, the Veterans Memorial Auditorium Foundation, and College Unbound, as well his service as the Vice Chairman of the Wornen & lnfants Hospital board, Chairman of the Greater Providence YMCA, and Chairman of the Rhode Island Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education.
    Bob has been married to his wife, Ann, for 46 years. They have three grown children and four grandchildren. He is inspired to fight for hard-working Rhode Island families as an effective problem solver: someone Rhode Islanders can count on to get things done while collaborating with elected officials from across the political spectrum.