Nov. 6, 2018 U.S. Senate

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"There's a lot of work to do in Washington and the political balance of the Senate is at stake. My friends, one vote matters. Let's make sure that vote goes to a Republican that shares your values. I am honored to be your candidate for this important job and I wou/d appreciate your support and your vote!"

- Kevin Cramer, Candidate far U.S. Senate

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Kevin Cramer and Family

ONE VOTE Matters

The political balance of the United States Senate and the soul of our great nation are at stake this November. Republicans have a razor thin 51-49 majority in the U.S. Senate and ...

ONE VOTE prevented the U.S. Senate from repealing job-killing regulations threatening our state's energy development.

ONE VOTE prevented the U.S. Senate from repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a healthcare plan that would have provided more money and flexibility to North Dakota.

ONE VOTE could determine whether President Trump or Chuck Schumer picks the next Supreme Court Justice.

ONE VOTE could prevent Senate Democrats from rolling back the recent tax cuts and raising your taxes.

ONE VOTE could eliminate federal overreach and unnecessary regulation to unleash the true potential of our economy to create jobs and prosperity.

ONE VOTE could put a stop to sanctuary cities and restore our nation to the rule of law.

North Dakota needs a Senator that represents the values of our great state. Kevin will run on his record. Heidi Heitkamp will run away from her record.

"I have not forgotten where I come from and I will be honored to serve as your next Senator. Be assured my long-held commitment to transparency, accountability and accessibility will come with me. Let's do this. Let's build on the pro-growth pro-business agenda going on now in America!"

- Kevin Cramer, Candidate - U.S. Senate        
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Precious Life.

"Every single child should have a chance for life so it's important for us to continue our work to protect the most vulnerable among us in every way possible. I have, and I will continue, to do this very important work."

- Kevin Cramer, Candidate far U.S. Senate

Paid for by Cramer for U.S. Senate

Kevin Cramer ...

A long-time pro-life advocate supporting numerous bills to protect the unborn.
Pain Capable Unborn Child Act: A bill prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks except in cases of rape, incest, or to save the mother's life.
Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act: Legislation making it a crime for medical professionals not to provide standard medical care to children born alive during an abortion.
No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act: Legislation preventing the use of tax dollars to fund most abortions and abortion coverage through government programs like Medicaid.

Heidi Heitkamp ...
She has voted 100 percent of the time with Planned Parenthood.

She voted to block a bill to make late-term abortions illegal after the fifth month of pregnancy, a point in development when babies can feel pain and survive premature birth.

As the late-term abortion ban was blocked, she gleefully walked up to Chuck Schumer and gave him an awkward high-five. There's no way to explain the casualness of the encounter on the Senate floor in the context of the vote itself.

Senator Heitkamp is WRONG to support late-term abortions and her abhorrent vote puts her in direct conflict with pro-life advocates throughout North Dakota. This is yet another example of how she stands with her liberal Democratic party bosses instead of North Dakota voters.

Life. Precious Life.
We need to embrace an America that celebrates the sanctity of human life. To ensure protection for the unborn, we need Kevin in the Senate.

Vote for Kevin on Nov. 6 so he can continue the fight to protect precious life.

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