Nov. 6, 2018 U.S. Senate

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Ranked first in the Senate with the most bills she led or cosponsored enacted into law in the last Congress
- Medill News Service 11/28/16

Amy Klobuchar
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The TOP 100 Things AMY KLOBUCHAR has done for Minnesota.

Amy Klobuchar,  Our U.S. Senator.
Amy Klobuchar's grandfather worked 1,500 feet underground in the iron ore mines of northern Minnesota. Her father, Jim, was a newspaperman and her mother, Rose, was an elementary school teacher. Amy has always been guided by the values she learned growing up in Minnesota.

One of the most effective members of Congress
In 2006, Amy Klobuchar became the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate in Minnesota's history. In 2016, Medill News Service reported that she ranked first in the Senate with the most bills she led or cosponsored enacted into law.

A leader who makes a difference for all Minnesotans
Nationally, she is a leading voice for middle class families in the middle of the country. She visits all 87 counties in Minnesota every year, and she stands up for rural America in the Senate.

Amy is married to John Bessler, a native of Mankato who attended Loyola High School and the University of Minnesota. Amy and John have a daughter, Abigail.



AMY'S TOP 100 Accomplishments and Counting...
1.Secured federal funding with former Sen. Norm Coleman to rebuild the l-35W Bridge

Led effort to pass legislation to protect children from unsafe swimming pools and authored ban on lead in children's products.

3. Introduced bipartisan bills to lower prescription drug costs, including making it easier for generics to get to market and importing safe, affordable drugs from Canada.

4. Led passage of landmark Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which boosts support for and protection of victims of human trafficking.

5. Led successful, bipartisan effort to build the new Stillwater Bridge.

6. Worked to secure the first-ever permanent livestock disaster assistance program and fought to ensure Minnesota turkey farmers had the resources necessary to combat avian influenza during the 2015 outbreak.

7. Wrote and passed bipartisan legislation to help prevent shortages of life-saving medications.

8. Helped pass legislation to protect our firefighters by creating a national registry to research the relationship between firefighters' exposure to dangerous toxins and the incidence of cancer.

9. Led the effort to boost international tourism to the United States, which generated increased visitation to the United States by over 1 million people in 2016. Promoted tourism to the United States by successfully reducing excessively long wait times for tourist visas.

10. After the price of Epipens soared, helped secure a lower cost, generic version at half the original price.

11. Introduced and passed the landmark Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act with a bipartisan group of three other senators to help communities combat the opioid epidemic, promote treatment, and expand prevention efforts. Authored the Prescription Drug Monitoring Act, which would require the use of strong prescription drug monitoring programs.

12. Passed a law to cut red tape for small airplane manufacturers, spurring economic growth, including 150 new jobs at Cirrus in Duluth.

13. Defeated attempts to undermine major health care protections like preventing insurance companies from charging women and seniors more for care, denying coverage when people get sick or have a pre-existing condition, or allowing parents to keep kids on their insurance until they turn 26.

14. Co-sponsored major bipartisan legislation to lower out-of-pocket health care expenses like co-pays and deductibles.

15. Wrote and passed bipartisan bills simplifying the adoption process and making it easier lo bring home siblings of adopted children. Helped hundreds of Minnesota families adopt children.

16. Worked to provide record funding increases for military help match skilled workers with the needs of local employers. Backed the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, which made healthcare and to improve veterans' health services.

17. Passed a bipartisan provision to ....

...100. Helped pass a long-term transportation bill and secured funding for critical infrastructure projects across Minnesota including: Major new bridges in Hastings, Winona, Red Wing, and the Highway 53 relocation in Virginia...Expansions and safety improvements on MN Highway 60 and US Highway 14 in Southern Minnesota, US Highway 169 on the Iron Range, US Highway 10 , MN Highwya 610, I-94, and I-494 in the metro, and I-35 throughout Minnesota...Public transportation priorities like the Mall of America transit station, Green Line light rail, and Bus Rapid Transit projects, including the Red, Orange and A-line...   The Wilmar Wye and the Duluth Dock Intermodal Project...And improvements and upgrades to sanitary districts, sewer systems, and rural airports across the state...and so much more. Amy was ranked first in the Senate with the most bills she led or cosponsored enacted into law in the last Congress!

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Amy Klobuchar
Working for Minnesota.

Amy Klobuchar
@amyklobuchar  fb.com/amyklobuchar

Amy Klobuchar
Getting results for hardworking Minnesotans.

Making sure workers are prepared for the 21st century economy.
No good job should go unfilled because workers aren't getting the right training. Soon 70% of all jobs in Minnesota will require at least some postsecondary education. Not everyone wants a four-year degree. There isn't just one path. We need to invest in one and two-year degrees offered by community and technical colleges, apprenticeships, and certification programs. Amy is working to make sure every person in this country has a clear path to a good job.
Encouraging American businesses to invest and innovate in America.
We need to do more to catch foreign countries that break our trade laws ­like we've seen with steel dumping from China. We need to support American businesses that innovate and create American jobs, too, like with clean energy. Amy is working to cut red tape and ease regulatory burdens for businesses, streamline our tax code, help small businesses succeed, open new export markets, and ensure the U.S. remains competitive worldwide.
Helping keep costs down for American families.
The prices of four out of the top 10 prescription drugs have gone up by 100 percent over the last 10 years. That's not right. Amy is taking on the fight to bring down prescription drug costs by bringing in safe, affordable drugs from Canada, making it easier for generics to get to market, and harnessing the bargaining power of seniors by letting Medicare negotiate prices.
Rebuilding Minnesota's infrastructure.
In Minnesota, we know how important a strong, sturdy infrastructure is. When the I-35W bridge collapsed, Amy worked across the aisle and secured the funding to get it rebuilt. Amy was one of the first Democratic senators to support the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which provides Minnesota with over $4 billion in funding for transportation over the five years of the bill.


Amy Klobuchar
Working for Minnesota.

"Growing up I learned no matter where you come from, you can succeed. And now I am here today, the granddaughter of an iron ore miner, the daughter of a school teacher and a newspaperman, and the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Minnesota. I get up every day working to make sure every child from every part of Minnesota can get ahead."
      – Amy Klobuchar