Nov. 6, 2018 U.S. Senate
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"We don't need any more talkers in Washington, we need some doers. It's time to make Washington get to work...for us." —Rick Scott

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When Rick Scott ran for Governor, they said a business-person with no government experience couldn't run the state. Rick Scott proved the naysayers wrong. Just look at his record:

•    1.6 million new jobs

•    Historic investments in education, the environment and transportation

•    47-year low in crime

•    Over $10 billion in tax cuts and 5,300 burdensome regulations eliminated

Rick Scott succeeded because he refused to play by the political rules in Tallahassee. He shook things up and delivered results. He's running for Senate because that's the approach we need in Washington.

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Rick Scott's "Make Washington Work" plan lays out specific solutions to reform Congress and make Washington work for us again. Sorne of his proposals are:

1. Term Limits
We need to eliminate the concept of "career politicians." Term limits will help ensure elected officials work for Americans, not themselves.

2 Supermajority Vote for Tax Increases
Just like Governor Scott championed in Florida, his plan would make it harder to raise your taxes by requiring a two-thirds majority to pass any tax or fee increase.

3 Line ltem Veto
Governor Scott used the line item veto in Florida to save taxpayers $2.4 billion. By implementing it in Washington, we can cut out-of-control wasteful spending.

4 No Budget, No Pay

Congress has failed to pass a budget on time for 22 straight years. Rick Scott' s plan says if Congress doesn't pass a budget, then they don't get paid.

5 Full-Time Work for Full-Time Pay
For too long, career politicians have put in minimum effort, leaving critical work undone. Rick Scott's plan would require Congress to put in full-time work for a full-time salary.

Read Rick Scott's "Make Washington Work" plan at


Vote By Mail

In Florida, you don't have to fight the crowds on Election Day – you can Vote-by-Mail by requesting a ballot to be mailed directly to you. Then you may fill out your ballot and send by mail or turn it in at your convenience.

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Visit VoteRickScott.com for a convenient link directly to your county' s online Vote-by-Mail application form. lt' s easy:

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•    Ballots will be mailed to voters starting October 2
•    Completed ballots must be received by 7pm on Election Day, November 6

starts October 2

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Election Day
is November 6

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