Nov. 6, 2018 U.S. Senate

Card- 4 1/4" x 9 1/4". 


Strength, Compassion, Integrity.
Don't hope for a better future, vote for one.

Paid for by Corey for Senate 2018.

Matthew McKinnon Corey graduated Manchester High School in 1982 and enlisted out of high school into the U.S. Navy. He was deployed to Beiruit in 1983 and served in the Navy until 1987. He worked for the U.S. Postal Service and for the Teamsters.

In 1990 he opened a high-rise cleaning company, Advanced Services lnternational, which is still in business today. You can see him hanging from rooftops of buildings in Hartford keeping them crystal clear! In 2002 Matthew opened McKinnon's lrish Pub located in downtown Hartford, CT. He wanted to give back to the city of Hartford and give the "working class" a place to call their own. The lrish pub is adorned with memorabilia from firefighters to war patches and is a popular downtown destination. He is a Union member of the Teamsters and a member of the SAG-AFTRA of NY.

*    As a small business owner, my first-hand experience gives me a true perspective on how to address the needs of our business sector.

*    Education is a top priority. A right to education is the Civil Rights movement of today, and I would advocate for school choice. Finding balance using public-private partnership in apprenticeship programs will make sure we have a strong, practical workforce.

*    Having a strong military and border security is necessary for our country to keep peace at home and abroad.

*    As a Navy Veteran, I would make sure our Military and Veterans receive the proper care. l'd keep the best interests of our brave men and women in mind, and advocate for Veteran's choice in health care.

*    I will address the opioid epidemic by working with Pharmaceutical companies and Doctors to stop the over promoting of these powerful narcotics. I would also advocate for funds to better train and equip the First Responders.

Twitter: @MattCoreyCT