Nov. 6, 2018 Governor
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Bringing the Change We Need.

Getting Rhode Island Back to Work.

Four years ago, Rhode lsland was stalled and our people paid the price. l've worked to make the changes we needed to get Rhode lsland.back to work—and we're getting results. Today, more Rhode lslanders are working: we've created more construction jobs than any other state and we're leading the region in advanced manufacturing jobs. We're fixing our schools, cutting taxes, and investing in clean energy. This is just the beginning. I won't rest until every Rhode lslander benefits from our economic recovery."   
- Gina

Governor Raimondo will continue her work to create good jobs and ensure it's Rhode lslanders who get those jobs.

Prepare workers for new jobs with skills training, computer training in every school, and pre-K for children.

Fix crumbling schools so every child learns in a place that is safe and equipped with 21st century technology.

Protect affordable health care no matter what changes Washington Republicans make to health care laws.

Increase the amount of clean energy in Rhode lsland to continue job growth and protect the environment.

Re-elect Governor Gina Raimondo

Born and raised in Smithfield, Gina became Rhode lsland's first female governor in 2015. Since being elected, she has dedicated herself to fixing our economy, bringing back good jobs, and making Rhode lsland a place where families can thrive again.

She and her husband, Andy, are raising their children, Ceci and Tommy, in Providence.

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