Nov. 6, 2018 Governor
Palm Card, 4" x 9"
A Conservative Fighter
Who Gets Results

Champion for Victims
One of Adam Laxalt's first actions as Attorney General was to take on the State's horrific backlog of nearly 8,000 untested sexual assault evidence kits. His initiative has led to multiple cold case sexual assault arrests, resulting in justice for victims.

Protecting the Vulnerable
As Attorney General, Adam Laxalt created an elder abuse criminal unit to better protect Nevada seniors from consumer fraud and elder exploitation.

Saving Taxpayers Millions
Adam Laxalt saved Nevada taxpayers $30 million through savings and settlement transfers in his Attorney General's office. Adam will always look out for Nevada's hardworking taxpayers.


A Vision for

Nevada's Next Chapter

•  Adam Laxalt is not a career politician.
He's a fourth-generation Native Nevadan, husband, father, and veteran.

•  Adam knows how to get things done for our state–and his record proves it.

•  He is committed to making sure Nevada does not go the way of California.

•  Adam's vision for our next chapter is one that is safe, prosperous, and filled with opportunity.

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November 6, 2018

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