Nov. 6, 2018 Governor
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Won't Someone Think of the Horses
Russell Best was born in Texas to an Australian immigrant and a Texas native who Instilled in him the joys and responsibilities of citizenship in this great nation. After graduation he joined the Naval Reserve becoming an active member of the U.S. Navy.
After leaving the military he went on to graduate college from Moorpark College. After owning a few small businesses Russell became a Mortgage Broker and owner of an independent Mortgage Office which brought him to Northern Nevada.

With his interest in Real Estate he became an unpaid lobbyist to the states governing branches in Banking Laws and Real Estate.  After many years concentrating on business and  upon seeing the state of affairs in this state he felt that the only way to help the avarage person was to run for Governor. He feels he can help Nevada continue to be the greatest state in the nation.

Save Our Wild Horses

We have a real dilemma in our state with the wild horses, these beautiful, free, majestic animals are being slaughtered senselessly by our government. Citing the risk to the public safety that these animals can create on the highways, our current governor has hired a third party company to kill the horses. These lovely and statuesque animals are ending up piled high in landfills or rounded up and sent overseas only to return home as Dog Food and cheap glue.

Whether you believe that the horses are indigenous or a non-native import by the Spanish, they have become apart of the intricate and unique heritage of the land.

We need to protect them, respect them not treat them as a disposable piece of the landscape that can be easily replaced or not even missed.

States Rights

The US Constitution States;" the federal govern­ment shall not exercise jurisdiction within an admitted State of the Union outside the authority granted in Article 1", and Although I support the use of state land for the building of bases for the armed forces that keep this country safe, nearly 90% of Nevada's vacant land is in the control of the federal government. Once elected I will work with the Attorney General to challenge the US Government, as other states have over this issue.

The Bureau of Land Management better known as the BLM controls most of the state's assets and charges the public for use of the land and its resources.These resources belong to the State of Nevada, the money earned from them should remain in the state, and be used to help keep our taxes low. If we were to choose to allow the BLM to manage the state lands for us, we need to keep control over how it is used, and where the money from its usage goes. We the people need to have the final say on what is best for our land and state.

Helping Wounded Warriors

As a disabled Veteran, I regularly use the medical facilities at the Veterans Adminis­tration. While there I am gifted with many opportunities to listen to vets from all walks of life. I have heard their stories and became friends with many of them. While no one ever enjoys sitting in the waiting room counting the minutes or hours it takes to see a doctor, those great men and women I have met have made it more tolerable. What I truly do not understand is the lack of services offered to these brave Vets at these facilities. Each of these facilities seems to have a different idea as to what services they are authorized to offer our selfless Veterans. I have heard horror stories of Veterans not being given tests for symptoms that, at any other hospital would have been standard, tests that could have saved a brave Solders life. Our Veterans have given so much of themselves for the security of our Great Nation and it is our responsibility to give them not only quantity but quality of life.

The Best Future for Nevada!
Russell Best for Governor