Nov. 6, 2018 Governor
Palm Card, 4" x 9".

"I will work hard every day to bring jobs back, fix our broken education system, make our communities safe and relieve the poverty that burdens too many."
Steve Pearce

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Steve Pearce was bom the son of a sharecropper. His parents worked hard and struggled to raise their six children, south of Hobbs, NM. Because of that experience, he is committed to making sure everyone in New Mexico gets the chance to succeed.
After serving as a pilot in the Vietnam War, Steve and his wife Cynthia built a successful business and created jobs. He sold his business to devote full attention to serving in Congress and worked hard to help people and our state.
Steve Pearce is running for Govemor because things need to change — for all of us — because
every New Mexican matters.

Steve Pearce for Governor
•    More jobs and higher eamings
our jobs are leaving and our kids follow the jobs. We must diversify New Mexico's economy to create more and better paying jobs.

•    Better education
fix our schools by letting teachers teach with less bureaucracy. Expand apprenticeships for better job opportunities.

•    Tackle poverty
help families gain the education, skills and opportunities they need to succeed and prosper.

•    Reduce crime
keep dangerous criminals behind bars, confront the root causes of drug addiction and keep our streets safe.
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