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Think Differently. Vote Differently.

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Growing up in NH, Jilletta was taught to stand up for what she believes in, compromise where needed, defend those who could not defend themselves, and always act with integrity.

While not a politician, Jilletta believes that the best government is one that answers to the people, not one in which the people answer to the government. She believes the government's job is to protect three things:
1. Life
2. Property
3. The Equal Pursuit of Happiness


Opioid Epidemic
- It's time to focus on treatment of addiction by enhancing our treatment facilities, adding inpatient opportunities, and increasing outpatient and support services.

Support for new entrepreneurs & Small Businesses - Through Jilletta's 5-year tax ramp-up program.

Education - Our education funding is long overdue for repair.  A new Governor's Commission on
Education will work with the Department of Education to determine what is needed per student and create proposals for the legislature. Legalization of Casinos would be used to offset the property tax burden.

Oversight and Transparency - It's time to hold public officials and agencies accountable to the people of New Hampshire.



•    Privacy
•    Keep and hear arms
•    Live how and where you choose
•    Worship how, when, and where you choose
•    Be treated equally under the law
•    Run your business without oppressive regulations
•    Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness

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Fiscal Agent Jilletta Jarvis

Jilletta Jarvis

Fighting to help the people of New Hampshire

Prioritize The Opioid Epidemic
Promote New Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses
Fund Education Fairly
and Strengthen Government Oversight

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NOV 6, 2018

Republican - Limited Government. Pro-Business. Named for the ideology of the American Revolution. Democrat - Equality of Opportunity. Social and Economic Equality.

Want these ideals back? Tell them, by changing your vote in 2018!
Vote Libertarian - Personal and Economic Liberty. Limited Government. Individual Rights.

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Jilletta Jarvis

The daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and a self-taught accountant and the middle of three siblings, she was taught to stand up for what she believed, compromise where appropriate, defend those who cannot defend themselves, and always to act with integrity.

Jilletta grew up on small farms in rural New Hampshire for most of her childhood so is no
stranger to hard work. She put herself  through college with school loans, scholarships, and work-study. She then joined the ranks of the middle class – teaching and managing teams of trainers and designers to help further the careers of those in the companies where she worked. She also spent time as an adjunct professor at the NH Community Technical College and volunteering with NH Micro-Credit.

She takes pride in her community and always lends a hand to anyone who needs it, going so far as to help a neighbor dying of cancer and even planning his funeral as he had no next of kin. Never asking anything in return for her help, she has always felt the best communities are those made up of neighbors helping neighbors for no other reason than that they are neighbors.

While not a politician herself, her uncle was the "Blind Mayor of Vermillion" (Ohio) for many years and he showed her that the btes government is the one that answers to the people, not one where the people answer to the government. This is what she believes and the type of governor she wants to be. She wants to see transparency in the government because it belongs to the people, a state budget that allows people to keep as possible, and an end to needless drugs deaths by instituting proven successful models.

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Think different, vote different.

Special interests. Corporote Greed. Corruption.
Are you Iike me and these words make you think of governrnent7 It's sad that it's true for so many across the country,
Here in New Hompshire, I am running for Govemor in order to fight the greed and backroom deals that run rampant in the system. You can help me.
I know that we cannot put a complete end to poverty, unemployment, drug abuse, or corruptIon. However, if we start now—today—we can make positive changes and begin making steps towards these goals. The more of us that take these steps, the bigger the steps become untiI instead of mere walking, we are running to the goal of a stronger New Hampshire for all of us.
WorkIng together we can build a better future. By steppIng outside the comfort zone of hoping for change, we can be the change.
I, Jilletta Jarvis, will fight for the following reforms and initiatives:
•     Small Government, more local control
•     Fixing restrictive regulations that keep regular people from experiencing success
•     Sunset guidelines on regulations so older laws can be reviewed for current applicability
•     Equal opportunity to seek personal success
•     Fixing (hidden) $4 billion deficit in state budget due to pension ond health plans
•     Support proven initiatives that lower drug abuse rates ond overdose deaths
•     Hold Government Employees accountable for their actions/inactions
•     Lower energy rates
•     Entice more diverse businesses to set-up shop in NH
•     Keep YOU aware of what your tax dollars pay for

Paid for by Jilletta Jarvis 4 NH, Fiscal Agent Jilletta Jarvis