Nov. 6, 2018 Governor
Palm Card, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".

Maine's Next Governor


Shawn Moody for Governor
176 Narragansett Street
Gorham, ME 04038

PHONE: 207-839-3999

Paid for and authorized by Shawn Moody for Governor

Shawn Moody is not a lifelong politician. Shawn is a proven job creator, a husband, father, and a leader committed to Maine's future. As our next Governor Shawn will fight for our values, not the Augusta special interests.

Growing up in Maine, son ot a single mom hairdresser who became hospitalized, Shawn knew he could end up in the system, or work his way out. So he started a business at the age ot 17 and built a great Maine company, a company named a Best Place to Work in Maine, which has grown to 11 locations and eamed Environmental Leader status for voluntary certitication in the Maine Environmental Results Program.
As part ot Moody's company health plan coverage for co-workers, preventative care includes: childhood immunizations; breast, cervical or colorectal cancer screenings; cholesterol and blood pressure tests. The company has donated to numerous charities aiding cancer research and to fight illness.

Shawn knows the best way for young people to stay in Maine is to ensure they have a good-paying job. Appointed by the Governor to serve on both the Community College Board and University Trustees, the first person in Maine history to do so at the same time, he helped cut over $80 million in unneeded overhead while focusing on connecting educational degrees to jobs.

A husband tor more than 30 years, he and his wite Chrissi have four adult children and two grandchildren. Chrissi previously worked at Goodwill Industries aiding those with cognitive disabilities learn life skills.

Shawn is known for speaking to audiences about the struggles he overcame in his youth. As featured on Bill Green's Maine TV show, Shawn Moody's dramatic life story of growing up as the son of a single mother who struggled with illness, before going on to create one of Maine's iconic companies, has been an inspiration to others struggling to get ahead.

Protecting Healthcare & Lowering Costs with transparency in pricing and ensuring our local hospitals are properly reimbursed

Growing Wages and Securing Maine Jobs through a plan cutting job-killing red tape and encouraging economic growth in all parts of Maine: North to South, East to West

Sustaining Maine's Environment which is critica! to our economic growth and the long term health of Maine people

Cutting Wasteful Spending & Lowering Taxes including property taxes with incentives for agencies to seek efficiencies

Standing Behind Our Constitution in defending life, liberties, and freedoms



Of the people FOR the people