Nov. 6, 2018 Governor
Brochure, 4" x 9".

Bringing Real Prosperity to All of Maine

The key to a brighter future for Maine is to focus on small businesses that are innovating and creating new products that we can ship to a world hungry for quality and authenticity.

I want to turn the machinery of government away from trying to lure big companies to Maine and instead get behind the thousands of Maine small business innovators who are creating jobs every day. We want a growing, vibrant state that gives opportunities to our young people, helps everyone get the skills they need without going into steep debt, and welcomes everyone.

I'm running as an independent because neither political party has a real plan for Maine, and neither party can unite us.

We need to move forward together, with a vision and a plan that will work for all of Maine. I will bring together the best ideas and the most common sense people from both parties. And finally put us on a road toward the twenty-first century economy that is now within our reach.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"
Abraham Lincoln
I grew up in a family of mill workers and farmers in central Maine. I left high school to go work with my hands, loading trucks and building houses. Eventually, I went on to build a successful small business and get a Masters Degree from Harvard.

Since then, I've been an advocate for Maine, an organization-builder and an author.
I've worked to improve the lives of poor people, rebuild my neighborhood, protect the environment, advance equal rights and promote good jobs for Maine people.

I've also co-authored two books – Reinventing Maine Government and Maine's Next Economy and brought thousands of people together, across the state, to work for a brighter future.

As your governor, I will

Give Maine working people a voice in Augusta.

Let the world know what a great place Maine is.

Replace anger and resentment with respect and cooperation, so we can get things done.

Be a champion for Maine's small business innovators, entrepreneurs and doers.
Make Maine government smarter and more efficient.

Provide two years of continuing higher education, including job retraining, to anyone who will live and work here afterwards, and help us build the economy.

Move Maine more aggressively toward energy independence by better utilizing our solar, ocean wind, water and wood.

Welcome anyone to Maine who wants to help us build a brighter future.
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