Nov. 6, 2018 Governor
Brochure, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".

"lt's time for a new direction and bold new ideas. As Governor, I will continue to stand up for the people of Maine, and I will work to break down the barriers standing between us and a prosperous future."  /MillsForGovernor  @JanetMillsforME

Janet Mills For Governor
A New Direction For Maine

Janet with three of her five stepdaughters and one of her four grandchildren.

Janet Milis was born and raised in Farmington, Maine, where she lives today. She married
widower Stan Kuklinski (deceased) and became a full-time mom to five girls, while also working full-time as a prosecutor and later in the private sector. As Governor, Janet will protect access to Maine's woods and waters, reduce the cost of health care, fund our schools to make sure every child has a chance to succeed, tackle the opioid epidemic, and work tirelessly to promote good-paying jobs in every corner of Maine.

Authorized and Paid for by Janet Mills for Governor Barbara Trafton, Treasurer

Janet Mills Will Move Maine Forward.

Janet believes every Mainer has a right to affordable, high-quality health care – and that's what she will fight for as Governor. When Paul LePage tried to cut health care coverage for thousands of young Mainers, Janet Milis stopped him. As Governor, she'II expand Medicaid and reduce health care costs for Maine families and seniors, and she will always defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions.

Too many rural Maine communities are being left behind. As Governor, Janet will tackle Maine's workforce needs and work to ensure there are good-paying jobs in every part of Maine. That means expanding broadband, supporting growing industries like renewable energy, and working with businesses and entrepreneurs to create thriving communities.

Janet will make cradle-to-college investments in education. As Governor, she'II work to provide universal pre-K, ensure every student has a great teacher and the resources they need to succeed, make college more affordable, and expand access to vocational and technical programs.

Janet casts on Clearwater Lake.  /MillsForGovernor  @JanetMillsforME