Nov. 6, 2018 Governor
Card - 6" x 11".
Governor Ige gets it done for the people of Hawai'i.

Quality Classrooms.
lge kept his promise by cooling over 1,200 classrooms statewide and gave our hard-working teachers a much-needed pay raise.

Crime Fighter.
Under lge's watch, Hawai'i has the lowest crime rates since the 1970's.

Leading The Nation With Responsible Gun Laws.
He was the first governor in the nation to require more rigorous FBI background checks for gun owners, keeping guns out of the hands of stalkers, sexual harassers, and the seriously mentally ill.

Putting College Within Reach.
Expanded the Early College program allowing high schoolers to earn college credits. Promoted Hawai'i's Promise, removing financial barriers so more students can afford college.

Better Economy, More Money.
Hawai'i leads with the highest employment rate in the nation, tourism is at an all-time high, and lge secured a AA+ bond rating, saving the state millions in interest payments. Less money to the banks, and more to invest here at home.

Protecting Our Land, Shoreline And Watersheds.
Protected 40,000 acres of watershed forests on four islands and saved Turtle Bay mauka lands from future development, preserving our land and shoreline for future generations.

Housing For Our Families.
lge has initiated the largest annual increase in affordable housing, producing thousands of new units and speeding up the time to turn vacant public housing units from over 250 days to just seven.

Kupuna Care. Protecting our seniors so they can retire with dignity has been a priority for lge. He was the first governor in the country to help pass Kupuna Care legislation to aid full-time family caregivers. AARP called this "a major win."

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David Ige

He attended public schools in Pearl City and graduated from the University of Hawaii with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA in Decision Sciences. Having paid for his college education by working at the pineapple cannery, Governor David Ige was first elected to the Hawai'i Senate in 1994, representing his home district of 'Aiea / Pearl City until 2014.

He grew up in a working-class neighborhood and was raised by a war hero steelworker father, a mother who was a nurse, and five brothers. He understands the struggle to make ends meet. He is an advocate for paid family leave because he believes that family should always come first. And, he supports minimum wage because he believes no one who works full-time, should have to live in poverty.

Governor Ige understands the barriers that prevent students from achieving a higher education.

Governor is married to Dawn Amano-Ige, who together, have raised their three children, Lauren, Amy and Matthew.

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