Nov. 6, 2018 Governor

Palm Card - 9" x 3.8".

No politics. No parties. Just solutions.

Oz Griebel for Governor
Monte Frank for Lt. Governor

Oz Griebel is a former lifelong Republican.
Monte Frank is a former lifelong Democrat.
They've joined forces to form an independent, nonpartisan ticket.

Working with you, Oz and Monte will move Connecticut beyond political gridlock to forge structural, pragmatic solutions to our toughest challenges: jobs and infrastructure. From now on it's no politics, no parties–just solutions.

A nonpartisan, no-nonsense approach to leading Connecticut–

• Independent leadership–blasting through the gridlock of our failed two-party system.

• Putting jobs first–building partnerships with employers to retain and create jobs.

• Revitalizing transportation–rebuilding our roads, bridges, rails and airports.

• Balancing taxes and spending
–putting fiscal responsibility before ideology.

• Staying accountable
–answering to you for the decisions we make on your behalf.

With our location, natural beauty and talented workforce, Connecticut can reclaim its stature as a premier place for all people to­live, play, work and raise a family.

No politics. No parties. Just solutions.

Join us!