Nov. 6, 2018 Governor
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Dear Fellow Arizonan:
I ran for governor because I was alarmed by deficit spending and the growth of government.

Building on my business experience running Cold Stone Creamery, I took a $1 billion deficit and balanced it in my first year as governor – without raising taxes.

In addition, we have invested 2.7 billion new dollars into public schools – again, without raising taxes. As a result, teachers across Arizona are finally receiving the significant raises they deserve.
We also launched Arizona's Border Strike Force – a partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement to enhance border security.

My goal as governor has always been to secure Arizona's future, and through these and many other accomplishments, we are getting there But there is stiII more work to be done. I hope you'II join me.

Doug A. Ducey

Whether it's growing Arizona's economy, improving education, making our communities safer, or making government work for all Arizonans, Doug is working hard at securing a better future for Arizona.

More Money for Schools

Doug has increased education funding every year in office without raising taxes.

•  Led the bipartisan effort. Prop 123, that injected $3.5 billion over 10 years into Arizona's K-12 schools.

•  Signed a 20% teacher pay raise by 2020, with the first 10% going into effect in the fall of 2018.

•  Restored recession-era cuts to school funding – $371 million over the next five years that can be used for support staff, textbooks, technology, and other school improvements.

•    Launched the Arizona Teachers Academy to attract new teachers. lt gives students of state universities a year of free tuition for each year they agree to teach in the state.

•    Made Arizona the first state in the nation to pass the American Civics Act – a new law requiring all high school students to pass the same civics test any new naturalized citizen has to pass in order to graduate.

Propases a school safety plan that will create and fund a Cops on Campus program that also adds eight million dollars for school mental health and behavioral resources.

Security & Safety for All Arizonans
Doug launched Arizona's Border Strike Force – a partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement to enhance security along Arizona's southern border, targeting drug cartels and human traffickers.
The governor helped survivors of sexual assault by reducing the state's backlog of untested rape kits, with a plan now in place to totally eliminate the backlog. Eight rapists were caught and are facing criminal charges as a result of the rape kits being tested.

This year, he signed the Arizona Opioid Epidemic Act, a comprehensive and bipartisan legislative package aimed at combating the opioid epidemic from all angles and saving lives.

Doug's program to catch child support evaders by posting their information on social media has resulted in over 100 deadbeat parents now making their payments totaling over half a million dollars.

Under the governor's leadership, the troubled Department of Child Safety (DCS) has been turned around. DCS has safely reduced the number of kids in foster care by over 20% and has been given an "Excellence for Children" award by national foster-care nonprofit Casey Family Programs.

More Jobs & Economic Security
Since Doug took office, the state has added over 160,000 new prívate sector jobs.

Companies like Apple, Raytheon, Caterpillar and lntel have either moved here or announced a majar expansion in their Arizona operations, saying the state was business friendly and offered a high quality of life for their employees.

Arizona Economy Facts:

•  Unemployment: 4.5% (lowest in a decade)

•  Companies expanded or relocated to AZ: 300+

•  New jobs: 160,000+

•  Wage growth: 7%

Thanks to Doug's Arizona Management System, government is now providing services more efficiently. There are approximately 1,000 fewer state employees than four years ago and 767 fewer vehicles in our state fleet, but customer service is improving For instance, MVD has cut average wait times nearly in half, saving Arizona customers 1.3 million hours in 2017.
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Doug Ducey – Securing Arizona's Future
More Money for Schools
More Jobs & Economic Security
Security & Safety for All Arizonans
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