Jun. 5, 2018 Primary Election

Brochure, 7 5/8" x 9 1/4".  Opens to 22 7/8" x 9 1/4"

People, Not Special Interests

A business leader to transform California.
John Cox for Governor

"California was once the envy of the nation. Best schools, best roads and highways, a financially sound public pension system, good and plentiful jobs, affordable housing, and quality health care. My mission is to transform California into the envy of our great nation."

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"Our best hope for putting our state back on the road to financial accountability is to get government off the backs of the small businesses that create jobs, and out of the pockets of those who today must often choose between buying groceries or filling their tank to get to work." – John Cox

John Cox
is a firm believer in community service and the ideal that neighbors should help one another. He founded an organization that repairs the homes of low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities. Since 1991, the organization has mobilized 20.000 volunteers and repaired over 1,000 homes.

John's commitment to service has kept him busy - serving on a local school board. a zoning board and on the boards of various charities including the USO. American Cancer Society. Boy's Hope/Girls Hope and United Charities.

A successful businessman. John led an investment group that purchased a major regional food manufacturer. saving over 600 local jobs. He recruited and led a team of managers who turned a $17 million loss into a $3 million profit in less than a year.

John has built several businesses from scratch to having assets of over $200 million with almost 100 employees over the past 35 years.

John has four daughters and lives with his wife Sarah in San Diego where they are active in and attend Nativity Catholic Church.

While committed to the Republican ideals of limited government and personal responsibility, John has also come to believe that our political system has become corrupted by the influence of special interest money. He is author of the Neighborhood Legislature Initiative.


We have the highest state income tax in the nation. but rank dead last in friendliness to business.

We have the highest poverty rate in the country.

Our unfunded public pension liability is double that of any other state and we haven't even begun to fund our huge public retiree health care liability.

Our regressive taxes are hurting the middle class, with the highest state sales tax, and outrageously high traffic fines and utility rates. And recently, the California Legislature passed an incredible 52 Billion Dollar gas tax.

"There are two Californias - the one we have, and the one we could have. The California we have is in trouble, and we need to do something about it."


John Cox is a successful businessman. CPA and attorney who will put his skill and experience to work rooting out the fraud. mismanagement and corruption.

Until we institute common sense reforms - including performance audits - California taxpayers should not be expected to pay one additional dime.

Nineteen states. including many considered "safely Democratic," have now elected a business leader governor. It's time California did the same.

Together, we can make a difference. Will you join me?