Nov. 8, 2016 U.S. Senate

Card - 10 1/2" x 6".

Ted Strickland vs. Rob Portman.
Who will stand up for Ohio families?

Ted Strickland
Rob Portman
Ted Strickland opposes raising the Medicare retirement age and he wants to expand Social Security benefits.
Rob Portman supports raising the retirement age for Medicare and Social Security, cutting retiring seniors' benefits. [Wall St. Journal, 7/21/14; CBPP, 5/5/15]

Strickland championed the auto rescue that saved 160,000 jobs. [Toledo Blade, 10/18/12]
Portman opposed the auto rescue, calling it, "a lousy deal."
[Columbus Dispatch, 5/27/11]

Ted Strickland voted against every one of Rob Portrnan's bad trade deals and will fight for a moratorium on trade deals going forward.
Portman voted for every bad trade deal that cost Ohio jobs. He voted for N.AFI'A, Permanent Most Favored Nation Status for China, and as U.S. Trade Representative wrote the CAFTA deal that shipped jobs to Central and South America. [Roll Call, 7/5/16; Department Of Labor; Vote 228, 5/24/00]

Ted Strickland stands up for Ohio.
Rob Portman is the best senator China ever had.

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Ted Strickland. Ohio Senate.
Ohio Heart and Soul.