Nov. 8, 2016 U.S. Senate

Card -  4 1/2" x 10".

Roy Fights For Us. 


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More Jobs
Less Government

Stop Government Overreach

Roy knows government should get out of the way. That's why he has introduced the Enforce the Law Act, the REINS Act and the Regulatory Improvement Act. We need to make sure we know what the federal regulators are doing.

More Jobs
Roy knows we need to bring more good jobs back to Missouri, so he is working to promote more American energy, repeal and replace Obamacare, and boost American manufacturing through his Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act.

Investing in Health Research
As a cancer survivor, Roy knows how scary it is to hear you have cancer or another disease. He fought for a $2 billion increase in health research funding last year because he knows it is imperative that we continue to invest in scientific studies Missouri to support the remarkable efforts of researchers and health care professionals.

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