Nov. 8, 2016 U.S. Senate

Palm Card, 8.5" x 3.7".

John Boozman, a successful businessman, healthcare provider and life-long resident of Arkansas, has represented Arkansas in the United States Senate for six years, establishing a record as a strong supporter of the values and principles that Arkansans hold dear. He will continue this same commitment to the people of the Natural State in his second term as your United States Senator.

Commonsense Conservative
•     Committed to Destroying ISIS & Protecting Our Nation
•     Keeping Our Promises to Our Veterans
•     A Rating & Fully Endorsed by the NRA
•     Opposes Amnesty, Secure the Border First
•     Sustain Private Sector Jobs, Not More Government
•     Fighting Against Unfunded Federal Mandates

Fiscal Reponsibility
•     Successful Business Owner & Healthcare Provider
•     Opposed $1.4 Trillion Obamacare
•     Fighting Against Runaway Spending
•     Supports & Voted for the Balanced Budget Amend­ment
•     Supports & Voted for Full Audit of the Federal Reserve
•     Fighting To Stop Government Growth & Overreach

Family Man with Family Values

•     100% Rating & Fully Endorsed by National Right to Life
•     Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood
•     Opposes Activist Judges who Legislate from the Bench
•     Champion of Traditional Marriage
•     Happily Married 43 years with Three Daughters 1479.636.703  Paid for by Boozman for Arkansas