Nov. 8, 2016 Governor
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West Virginia Proud
West Virginia Strong

West Virginians are proud of our  state—its beauty, its history, and its people. We have used the abundant natural resources God has given us and turned them into energy that has literally powered our nation, which has in turn strengthened our union. Our state is hurting today because of liberal politicians in Washington telling us what we can't do and a state government that spends to much with misguided priorities.


  • Put our miners back to work by helping to elect Donald Trump President so he can end this President's War on Coal.
  • Bring the private sector together to build the pipelines and cracker plants needed to get our vast resources of natural gas out of the ground and to market.
  • Initiate a manufacturing strategy that is based on low cost energy, takes advantage of our large supply of water, retrains workers for the jobs available, and cuts regulations allowing businesses to grow.
  • Fight any effort to repeal our Workplace Freedom Law which is sending a loud and clear message that West Virginia is truly Open for Business.
  • Increase local control of public education to provide parents broader choices in their children's education.
  • Institute a Read by Third Grade West Virginia initiative.
  • Put more technology in our classrooms and ensure that every high school student has access to computer coding courses.
  • Realign our job training programs to ensure every West Virginian has access to the training and skills in order to get a job and allowing every employer access to a skilled workforce.
  • Leverage the $2.5 billion the state will receive from the federal highway bill to focus on projects that will make a real impact on enabling businesses to locate in our state and grow.
  • Overhaul the Department ofTransportation and reinvest the savings into improving our much needed road projects.*
  • Explore creative financing options for increased revenue for road and bridge repairs without sticking it to the taxpayers first.
  • Work with the private sector, our public institutions and non-profit organization to ensure that every community has access to high-speed broadband without continuing to waste tax dollars.
  • Bring all the resources of state government together by calling on cabinet secretaries to establish an intra-agency task force to meet this crisis.
  • Work with the federal government for funding to re-use existing buildings and re-train laid off workers to ensure that anyone who reaches out for help has access to a bed and the help they need.
  • Send a loud and clear message to those that come into our state to peddle their poison, if you are caught selling drugs in West Virginia, you will pay a huge price.

There is nothing wrong with West Virginia that the strength of our work ethic and pride of our people can't fix.

United we can become West Virginia Proud. West Virginia Strong.

Bill Cole

Bill Cole is a fifth generation businessman who employs over  400 people. He and his wife, Brownie, live in Bluefield, West Virginia with their two teenage daughters. His two sons work in the family business. Bill Cole was first elected to the state Senate in 2012 and quickly rose to leadership when his colleagues elected him Senate President in January 2015. He is the only candidate for Governor who has experience as both a job creator and public servant with an understanding of what needs to be fixed in Charleston.

For more information or to help on the campaign go to
Cole for Governor - 106 Capitol Street - Charleston, WV 25301
681-265-11##  info@billcolewv.com

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Meet Bill Cole
President of the West Virginia Senate
After earning his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Northwood University, Bill Cole returned to Bluefield, W.Va, to work in his family business operated by his father, Paul Cole, who was Bluefield’s longest serving mayor. From his father, Bill learned the need for discipline in business and a passion for public service.

Bill Cole is a fifth-generation businessman who has spent more than 30 years growing businesses and creating jobs. In 2000, he started building Bill Cole Automall that along with his other business interests employs over 400 people. He also owns an aviation company and is a licensed pilot with more than 4,000 hours of flying time.

Bill Cole began his career in public service in 2010 when then-Gov. Joe Manchin appointed him to fill a vacancy in the House of Delegates. In 2012, he ran for and won a seat in the State Senate. Bill quickly realized that in order to end the culture of corruption in Charleston that was holding West Virginia’s economy back, he needed to help elect a group of like-minded legislators who shared his belief that state government needed to modernize in order for West Virginia’s economy to grow.

In 2014, Bill Cole led the effort to win a Republican majority in the state senate for the first time in 83 years, despite the political experts’ predictions that it could not be done. His colleagues elected him to serve as Senate President. He presided over the 2015 legislative session, which stands as the most productive since 2002 passing 262 bills with bipartisan support dealing with substantive issues including reforms to prevailing wage, repealing cap and trade, comprehensive civil justice reforms, education reforms, government transparency measures, ending late-term abortions and efforts to address drug addiction.

After serious consideration, Bill Cole announced his candidacy for Governor on June 2, 2015, saying, “West Virginia needs a Governor committed to reform. I believe my lifelong experiences in business, as well as my accomplishments as Senate President give me a unique opportunity to lead our state government in a new direction.”

Bill Cole has been active in many community and charitable organizations and currently serves on the board of the Greater Bluefield Development Authority and the W. Paul Cole School of Business at Bluefield State College. Bill and his wife, Brownie, reside in Bluefield with their two teenage daughters Elizabeth and Taylor. His two older sons, Jason and Lee, work for Cole Automotive Group.