Nov. 8, 2016 Governor
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Mike Weinholtz is a third-generation factory worker who went on to become CEO of an award-winning, billion-dollar company. Above all he's a proud husband and father!

Mike will ensure no citizen lives in fear of losing everything because of serious injury or illness.

It's time to make sure every student in Utah gets a quality education, with proper funding and fair pay for teachers!

Let's be good stewards by protecting our public lands, cleaning up our air, and standing up to those who would sell Utah to the highest bidder.


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That's why Mike Weinholtz is running for governor. It's time to put an end to pay-for-play special-interest politics, and a state leadership too focused on partisan theatrics to listen to the voices of its own people. It's time to get back to the real Utah values of taking care of one another and building a better future for our families.

A third-generation auto-factory worker who put himself through night school in his 30s, Mike Weinholtz knows the value of hard work and integrity. After earning two business degrees, Mike went on to become CEO of CHG Healthcare Services, where his philosophy of valuing people over profits turned CHG into a billion-dollar company recognized as one of Utah's best employers. As governor, he'll bring that same people-first approach to leading Utah.

A division manager at the University of Utah School of Medicine, Kim Bowman previously practiced law in Salt Lake City. He's also a captain in the Air Force Reserve and graduated first in his JAG class. No stranger to public service, Kim has served as chair-elect of his community council and on the board of multiple Utah nonprofits.



For too long, our state's leadership has failed to take action on the issues most important to a majority of Utahns. Mike Weinholtz is ready to lead a government that serves the people, not corporations and corporate lobbyists.

Nearly 90,000 Utahns are being neglected when it comes to medical coverage. Mike will demand Utah accept federal Medicaid funds and ensure no citizen has to live in fear of losing everything in the event of a serious injury or illness.

A factory-laborer-turned-entrepreneur, Mike knows learning changes lives. By increasing funding and updating old infrastructure, Mike will fix our underfunded school system and ensure no Utah student is left behind due to insufficient resources.

Utah's leadership has yet to get serious about our air and water quality. Mike will work tirelessly to protect our natural resources and fight for solutiqns that balance economic growth with Utahns' health and quality of life.

Our state's leaders have repeatedly failed to pass legislation supported by the majority of Utahns. Mike will put an end to closed-door policy deals and lead a government that actually listens to the people it represents.


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Medicina de Calidad
Mike cree que nuestros hijos y familias deben tener acceso a una medicina de calidad sin miedo a perder todo por conseguirla. Mike peleará para extender el acceso a Medicaid para todos los que lo necesitan.

Calidad del Aire y del Agua

Mike reducirá las emisiones contaminantes para que nuestras familias puedan respirar sin miedo de enfermarse y para que nuestros hijos puedan disfrutar de los recreos es­colares. También, Mike abogara para proteger la calidad del agua de nuestros valles, para nosotros y para las futuras generaciones.

Mejor Educació
Mike cree que nuestro estado debe contratar a más maestros y consejeros de origen Latino. Mike impulsará legislación para que los líderes de las escuelas reflejen a las co­munidades que sirven y para que nuestro estado logre progreso en la tasa de graduación en nuestras comunidades. También, el cree que nuestro estado debe invertir más recur­sos en la educación pública, por que la educación es la base de la sociedad.

Acceso al Gobierno
Nuestros gobernantes deben escuchar a las comunidades que representan. Mike será la voz de los que no han sido escuchados por muchas décadas.

Conozca a Mike Weinholtz

Mike Weinholtz ha trabajado como CEO en la industria de personal médico por mas de 26 años, y los ultimas 18 años a cargo de CHG Healthcare Services. Por siete años consecutivos, CHG Healthcare has sido nombrada por la Revista Fortunes y el diario Salt Lake Tribune, como uno de los mejores lugares para trabajar (también como uno de los mejores lugares para trabajar para mujeres y jóvenes) en los Estados Unidos. También fue nombrado por la Revista Utah Business como el CEO del año.

El es un respetado líder y es reconocido por construir ambientes positivos y una excelente cultura laboral, que es conocida como Poniendo a la Gente ante Todo.

El atribuye su éxito a su único sentido de liderazgo.

Mike creció en una familia que trabajó tres generaciones en una fabrica de vehfculos. Cuando era joven, mientras trabajaba durante el día, atendía a la universidad durante la noche para lograr dos titulos en administracion de negocios.

Mike a servido en la junta directiva de varias organizaciones sin fines de lucro, incluyendo a United Way de Salt Lake City, la Escuela Rowland Hall, la Camara de Comercio de Salt Lake, la Union Americana de Libertades Civiles (ACLU) y el lnstituto de Liderazgo de la Mujer de Utah.

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I’m Mike Weinholtz.
My wife, Donna, and I have dedicated our lives to make the state a better place for all Utahns. Now I am running for governor to fight back against our one-party system that has harmed so many people.

I know first-hand what hard work and perseverance can do because I come from humble beginnings. I was a third-generation factory worker in my 20’s before finishing night school with degrees in business administration and management. Two years later, I started my first business. 
Two decades ago, I joined what grew into CHG Healthcare. Since then, CHG has become the largest provider of temporary physician staffing services in the US, and is an industry leader with over $1 billion in annual revenue and more than 2,000 employees.

I am more proud of the impact that CHG has on the world than of its financial success. I credit my business success to a unique, people first approach. CHG has been listed on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” the last seven years in a row and as a “Best Workplace” for women and millennials. CHG has also been named the number 1 “Top Workplace” in Utah by the Salt Lake Tribune, and one of the “100 Fastest Growing Companies in Utah” by Mountain West Venture Group.

CHG’s motto is “putting people first” even above profits. My commitment as governor will be to “put Utahns first,” even above partisan politics. To me, YOUR VOICE DOES MATTER and our best days are still ahead of us!

– “CEO of the Year,” Utah Business Magazine (2014)
– “Entrepreneur of the Year,” New Enterprise Associates (2007)
– “Entrepreneur of the Year,” J.W. Childs and Associates (2010 and 2012)
– “The 100 Most Influential People In Staffing,” Staffing Industry Analysts (5 years in a row)
– “Compassionate Leader of the Year,” United Way of Salt Lake (2014)
–  Allies of The Year” with wife, Donna, the Human Rights Campaign (2013)

– Board of Directors, United Way of Salt Lake (9 years)
– Board of Trustees, Rowland Hall School (3 years)
– Board of Governors, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce (6 years)
– Board of Directors, ACLU of Utah (3 years)
– Board of Directors, Women’s Leadership Institute of Utah (1 year)
– Member, Promise Partnership Regional Council for Education

– Largest physician-staffing company in the United States
– “100 Best Companies to Work For,” Fortune Magazine (7 years in a row)
– “Top Workplaces” (#1), Salt Lake Tribune (2015)
– A “Best Company to Work For,” Utah Business magazine (8 times)
– “Best Workplace for Women” (#15), Fortune magazine (2015)
– “Best Workplace for Millennials” (#30), Fortune magazine (2015)
– A “Best Company to Work For in Staffing,” Staffing Industry Analysts (5 times)
– A “Best Place To Work For the LGBT Community,” the Human Rights Campaign (2014, 2015, 2016)
– “The 100 Fastest Growing Companies In Utah,” Mountain West Venture Group (5 times)
– “Corporate Partner of the Year,” United Way of Salt Lake (2009)