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The Bud Pierce Story
New Vision and New Direction for Oregon

The Bud Pierce Story
A Bagboy's Beginnings
William C. "Bud" Pierce, M.D., Ph.D. was raised in a happy, close-knit family. His dad was a public school custodian, and his immigrant mother was a homemaker. Bud's sister, Liz, gave him his nicknam

The Loss of a Father

Bud's dad died when Bud was 14. A year later, he began part-time work, after school and on weekends, at the Air Force Base market as a bagboy, working only for tips. There he learned the great lessons of his work life: work fast and hard (more orders packed meant more chances to earn tips), know your craft (don't break the eggs!) and be nice to your customers (or they won't give you a tip). Regardless of these difficult circumstances, Bud graduated from high school as valedictorian.

Dreams Come True
Around the age of five, Bud said that he wanted to be a doctor. He was encouraged by his parents, but no one in his family knew what it would take for him to become a physician. He never gave up on this dream and worked toward that goal.

He enrolled at UC Riverside, and was admitted to a seven-year accelerated joint B.S./M.D. program that, if he did well, guaranteed him admission to UCLA Medical School after three years. He also worked weekends and full-time during summers as an orderly at a nursing home, where he began learning and
loving the art of patient care. Bud was admitted to the UCLA School of Medicine. During his first two years, he decided that he required more education and training in the scientific method. He entered the Ph.D. Experimental Pathology program at UCLA.

Service to his Country
With summers off between his second year of medical school and beginning his Ph.D. program, he proudly entered military service by enlisting in the U.S. Marines. He spent the summer of 1979 in Marine Corps. boot camp. He would serve the next six years as an enlisted Marine reservist, and he would again serve in the United States Naval Reserve as a doctor during his medical training. He attributes this experience to making him "fearless" in the face of challenging circumstances.

The Love of his Life
During his Ph.D. training, Bud met the love of his life, Selma. They were married, their children Kristina and Michael were born and they have been happily together over 35 years. Bud and Selma value volunteerism, donating hundreds of hours a year to many charitable causes such as Mission of Mercy dental clinic and the United Way. Together they were named First Citizens of Salem in 2010 and were jointly recognized by the Legislature with Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 in 2011 for significant contributions to the State of Oregon.

New Roots in Oregon
Bud declined an offer to remain at UCLA as an assistant professor of medicine. Selma and Bud moved to Salem, Oregon, and he began his career in private practice oncology. He immediately became a clinical assistant professor at OHSU. He has a gift for teaching and learning, traveling all over the state of Oregon, both urban and rural, listening to people, and striving to understand the way different Oregonians want to live in this beautiful state. Together they love the outdoors, both hiking and biking and running in fun­runs and charity races. Sports fanatics, the family almost never misses a Blazer game.

A Leader in Medicine
Today, Bud is a senior partner of Hematology/Oncology of Salem, one of the last physician-­owned oncology practices in the Northwest. Annually, the practice cares for thousands of patients with serious blood disorders and cancer. This pace of work has allowed Bud to care for over 15,000 patients over
the past 20 years. Serving as elected leader of the Oregon Medical Association and the local Medical Society and also its Foundation, he led other physicians during challenging reforms.

A Leader in Oregon
Bud was frequently sought out by political leaders to assist in complicated resolutions to issues. In 2012 when John Kitzhaber needed help with liability reform, Dr. Pierce led efforts to reach agreement with physicians and trial attorneys. After months of negotiation, Pierce was the center of a signature achievement in the 2013 session. Because of his reputation for "getting things done," he has been tapped by leaders all over the state to lead and champion political and charitable causes.

503-991-52## • info@budpierce.com • www.budpierce.com

A Plan for Oregon

A Plan for Oregon More than thirty years of failed Democratic leadership is enough. Now it's time to get things done for Oregon. We must focus on working Oregonians. We must stop encouraging the growth of a government bureaucracy that slows us down by playing games with people's livelihoods. We must tame the special interests and stop corruption. My plan includes:

•    Ensuring Oregon's business climate promotes economic growth so we have more high-wage jobs and rising incomes, especially for those in rural Oregon, while ensuring our environment will remain pristine for the health and benefit of our citizens.
•    Cutting costs of government and establishing true transparency and accountability.
•    Cutting taxes for lower and middle-income Oregonians.
•    Fixing PERS so our schools and local governments don't have to cut services to fund looming rate increases.
•    Reforming education so Oregon schools will be a role model for the nation.
•    Supporting families by creating more options and affordable choices for childcare.
•    Ending crony capitalism and special giveaways to the wealthy and well-connected.
•    Rebuilding our crumbling transportation infrastructure to promote job growth and combat traffic gridlock.

503-991-52## • info@budpierce.com • www.budpierce.com

[born Oct. 3, 1956]