Nov. 8, 2016 Governor
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"My wife and I were born here, we grew up here, and we're raising our kids here. This is home. What happens here in Montana matters." – Steve

Montana born and raised, Steve Bullock has focused on keeping Montana great for future generations. As Attorney General, he protected children, defended our 2nd Amendment rights, and protected public acces. As Governor, he set the standard for fiscal discipline and prioritized accountability. Governor Bullock knows there's more to be done, and that's why he'll keep working to make Montana an even greater place for families to call home.
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Steve Bullock: Doing What's Right for Montana


Under Steve Bullock, Montana has been named the most fiscally prudent state, maintaining a balanced budget and $300 million rainy day fund without raising taxes. Montana's unemployment is down while wages are growing at one of the fastest rates in the country. This smart, bipartisan planning has allowed Montana to make historic investments in public education, cut taxes and burdensome regulations, and create new, good­-paying jobs.


Governor Bullock knows we can do more. Together, we will prepare our students for the 21st century economy and help local businesses grow. We will continue to fight for equal pay for women and equal opportunity for everyone. We will keep standing up to Washington when big government tries to interfere with Montana's independence. And we'll continue to protect public access to our lands, rivers and streams while preserving the state's rainy day fund without higher taxes.

[Photo caption] Steve, his wife Lisa, and children Caroline, Alexandria and Cameron

Biography  [born April 11, 1966]

Full Biography of Steve Bullock

One of Us
As a boy, Steve Bullock delivered newspapers to the governor’s home in Helena. He never imagined he would end up living there.

Montanans elected Steve as their 24th governor on November 6, 2012. He was no stranger to public service. As Montana’s Attorney General, Steve Bullock fought against prescription drug abuse, drunk driving, to preserve our right to access Montana’s streams and rivers, and challenged the Citizens United decision all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Born in Missoula and raised in Helena, Steve has always called Montana home. Growing up, he gave boat tours on the Missouri River near the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness Area. In 1999, he married Helena-native Lisa Downs. Together they raise their children Caroline, Alexandria and Cameron in Helena, shuttling between school activities, soccer and basketball games, and trips across Montana.
Responsibly Managing Montana’s Finances and Growing our Economy
In three short years as Montana’s governor, Steve Bullock has responsibly managed the Treasure State’s finances, holding the line on taxes and safeguarding the state’s $300 million budget surplus.

Under Steve’s leadership, JPMorgan Chase recognized Montana as the most fiscally prudent state in the nation. Steve has been a disciplined fiscal steward of Montana’s economy; our state has been consistently ranked among the top 10 in the nation for entrepreneurship, overall business tax climate, tax fairness, and personal income growth.

Steve will always focus on growing Montana’s already strong economy through disciplined fiscal management, innovation and working across party lines. This includes training and educating Montana’s students through a first-class public education system, cutting red tape and minimizing bureaucracy to ensure Montana remains one of the most business-friendly states in the country. Steve has encouraged innovation in new and emerging fields as well as traditional industries all across Montana.

Steve also knows that in order for our economy to work for all Montanans, women must receive equal pay for equal work. He believes all Montanans deserve an equal place in our state regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, age or disability.
Getting Things Done
In his first three years as governor, Steve has consistently brought Montanans together to get things done. He did away with the business equipment tax for thousands of small and medium sized businesses, eliminated or streamlined hundreds of rules and regulations, and created the Montana Business Navigator to help entrepreneurs start and grow their small business in Montana. Working closely with Montana businesses in 2013, Steve launched the Main Street Montana Project, a bipartisan public-private partnership to create and implement a sustainable, long-term business plan written by Montanans for Montana.

In 2015, Steve brought Republicans and Democrats together again to provide affordable health care coverage for up to 70,000 working Montanans through Medicaid expansion, becoming the only governor in 2015 to work with a legislature to expand Medicaid.

Steve has made responsible investments in Montana’s public schools, froze tuition at Montana’s public colleges and universities and expanded pre-K programs in over a dozen communities in need. Steve’s leadership led to a significant increase in the number of students earning college credit in high school through dual enrollment—reducing college costs for Montana students and their families.
Standing up for Montana Values
Steve Bullock is a staunch defender of Montana’s Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. After going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to fight Citizens United, he successfully proposed the bipartisan DISCLOSE Act to ensure greater transparency and fairness in Montana’s elections.

A fisherman, hiker and hunter, Steve always fights for Montanans’ constitutional right to access public lands and streams, consistently opposing efforts that would lead to selling off our cherished public lands to the highest bidders. He also defends our constitutional right to a “clean and healthful environment” in Montana, which helps drive Montana’s lucrative outdoor economy.

Steve strongly believes in the right of workers to bargain for fair pay and safe working conditions, the right of women to make their own health care decisions, the right of sovereign Indian Nations to work government-to-government with the State of Montana, the right of responsible gun ownership for law-abiding citizens, the right of marriage between any two consenting adults, and the need to address climate change. Steve also consistently goes to the mat for Montana’s 100,000 veterans, fighting for better access to health care and job opportunities.

On issue after issue, Montanans trust Steve Bullock to fight for them and as their governor, he will never let them down.

You may see Steve running whenever you’re out and about in Helena. An avid lifelong runner, Steve has participated in more than a dozen marathons.

He is an alumnus of Claremont McKenna College and Columbia University School of Law. Steve’s legal career was split between the private sector and public service. Several years after law school, Steve served as chief counsel to then-Montana Secretary of State Mike Cooney, who Bullock appointed as Montana’s 32nd Lieutenant Governor in December of 2015.