Nov. 8, 2016 Governor
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When the nation and state have needed him, Eric Holcomb has answered the call. First, in his service in the United States Navy. Then, as a top aide to Governor Mitch Daniels and Senator Dan Coats. Later, as Indiana's 51 st Lieutenant Governor. And now, as a candidate for Governor.

Throughout his career in public service, Eric has earned a reputation as a consensus builder who gets things done. For the past 12 years, Eric has been at the center of bringing an era of change and responsible government to Indiana. He has built coalitions of support from all across our state to transform Indiana from bankruptcy to solvency, from dysfunctional to exceptional.

As Governor, Eric will work to honestly balance our budget, protect our AAA credit rating, maintain our low tax rates, and grow our economy to continue Indiana's momentum.

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  • Retaining and attracting a 21st Century workforce
  • Investing in regional economic development
  • Developing a data-driven, long-term approach to funding Indiana's infrastructure needs to strengthen our roads, bridges, rails, ports, and airports
  • Keeping energy costs down for Hoosier families by supporting energy sources critical to our state economy
  • Striving to make Indiana's public schools the best in the country
  • Letting families determine which school is right for their children
  • Supporting teachers as role models, and equipping them to develop outstanding young Hoosiers
  • Improving educational outcomes by engaging all stakeholders
  • Standing with Police and Fire Fighters who make our communities safe places to live and work
  • Treating Hoosier veterans with the care, respect, and attention they have earned and deserve
  • Fighting the drug epidemic by enforcing our laws, while ensuring real treatment options
  • Caring for those suffering from mental health issues
  • Protecting Indiana's vulnerable seniors from abuse, fraud, and neglect
  • Passing an honestly-balanced budget and preserving Indiana's AAA credit rating
  • Making sure state agencies work for Hoosier families and businesses

Biography  [born May 2, 1968]

Meet Eric
New Leadership for Indiana
Eric Holcomb is the 51st Lieutenant Governor of Indiana and the Republican nominee for governor.
A life-long Hoosier, he is a veteran of the United States Navy, was a trusted advisor to both Governor Mitch Daniels and Senator Dan Coats and a former state chairman of the Indiana Republican Party.

He was nominated to serve as Lt. Governor by Governor Mike Pence on March 2, 2016, and was confirmed by the General Assembly and sworn into office on March 3, 2016. On July 15, 2016, following Governor Pence’s withdrawal from the ballot, Eric joined the race for governor.

Throughout his career in public and political service, Eric has earned a reputation of being a consensus builder. He has traveled extensively around the state to build support for various initiatives including, but not limited to, Indiana’s property tax caps and Major Moves.

As Lt. Governor, Eric oversees a varied and diversified portfolio that includes the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, the Office of Defense Development, the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, the Office of Tourism Development and the Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. He also serves as chairman of the Indiana Counter Terrorism and Security Council and President of the Indiana Senate, where he presides over the chamber during each year’s legislative session.

Prior to kicking off his campaign for the U.S. Senate in February 2015, Eric served as State Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Dan Coats. In this role, Eric was the Senator’s main point of contact for constituents as well as legislators and local elected officials and he served as a surrogate for the senator at events across the state. Prior to that assignment, he was state chairman of the Indiana Republican Party and, as such, a member of the Republican National Committee.

Eric was a key member of Governor Mitch Daniels’ administration, holding various positions from the campaign kick-off in 2003 until the governor left office in 2011. These included serving as deputy chief of staff in the official office, managing Governor Daniels’ landslide 2008 re-election, and overseeing the governor’s state political action committee, Aiming Higher.

Eric has experience at the district and local levels, as well, managing successful campaigns for U.S. Congressman John Hostettler, serving as the Congressman’s official district director, and conducting a mayoral race in Vincennes, where he lived at the time.

He is the author of the book, “Leading the Revolution,” which outlined the successes of the Mitch Daniels approach to campaigning and governing.

Eric is a graduate of Pike High School in Indianapolis and Hanover College in southeastern Indiana where he majored in U.S. History with a focus on the American Civil War and the Reconstruction Era. A student of history, he is a collector of presidential signatures and currently has documents signed by 40 of our nation’s 44 presidents.

He is a member of the Indiana Farm Bureau, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Indianapolis WWII Round Table, the American Legion, Post 777; and is a board member of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site..

He and his wife, Janet, live with their dog, Henry, on the northwest side of Indianapolis.