Nov. 8, 2016 Governor
68-Page Booklet, 5 12" x 8 1/2"
 (TOC, Forward).

35-Point  Economic  Growth Plan    6
Accountability to Ensure Indiana Moves Fonvard on Jobs    7
Build and Retain a Skilled Hoosier Workforce    7
Grow Indiana Small Businesses & Startups    8
Support for Existing Hoosier Businesses    12
Streamline the State's Economic Development Efforts    14
Leverage Private-Sector Research and Funding    16
Restore and Rebuild Indiana's Reputation    17
A More Inclusive State Bidding Process    18

Equality for All Hoosiers    20
LGBT Rights    20
Equal Pay for Equal Work   20

Infrastructure    22
Reinvest in Indiana's Roads, Highways and Bridges    23
Build Indiana to be the lntermodal Crossroads qf America    25
Return Control and Resources to Local Communities    28
Addressing Indiana's Long Term Water Needs    29
Summary    30

Education    31
Establish Statewide, Optional Preschool for All Hoosier 4-Year Olds    31
Bring a Focus on Education and Teaching Back to Classrooms    32
Make Public School Affordable Again    33
Align K-12 Learning with Emerging Careers.    34
College Affordability and Return on Investment    35
Target Workforce Training Efforts    36
Ensure Workers Have Access to Skills Enhancement Programs   37

Veterans Services    39
Advocate to Strengthen and Improve Benefits.    40
Implement a Statewide Marketing and Outreach Campaign    40
Streamline Job Placement Assistance Services.    40
Add Veteran Service Officers to Assist Hoosier Veterans    41
Attract More Service Members and Veterans to Indiana    42

Environment    43
Improve Environmental Quality    43
Prioritizing Indiana Parks, Forests, and Trails    44
Expand Recycling in Indiana    47

Public Safety    48
Address Indiana's Drug Epidemic    48
Support Community Policing in More Indiana Communities    52
Protect Indiana Children.from Sexual Violence.    54
Expand Efforts to Combat Cybercrime    55
Strengthen and Modernize State Police    56
Examine All State Law Enforcement Agencies    58
Preventing Crime and Reducing Recidivism    59

Improve Government Transparency    61
Mandate a 10-Day Turnaround on Public lnformation Requests    61
Strengthen the Powers qf the Public Access Counselor   61
Create a Public Transparency Commission    62
Create an Open Data Portal in Indiana    62

Engaging All Hoosiers in Indiana's Future    63
Expand Polling Hours    64
Automatic Voter Registration    64
Expand Acceptable Forms qf Voter Identification    64
Expand Early Voting    64
Expand Opportunities to Vote by Mail    65
Create an Independent Redistricting Commission    65

References    66

By John R. Gregg, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Indiana

When I was considering running for governor again, my wife asked me an important question. She said, 'John, do you want to BE governor, or do you want to SERVE as governor? If you want to be governor for all the trappings and special treatment, then don't run. But if you want to serve as governor, if you want to work for the people of Indiana because you believe that you can truly make a difference, then you should run."

At that moment, I felt as if I had been struck by lightning. Energized by a renewed sense of purpose, I wanted to tackle the biggest problems facing Hoosiers across the state, and start a dialogue about what type of direction Indiana should embrace. Do we want to be a state that focuses on the ideologies of the past, which can scare away businesses, economic opportunities, and young talent? Or do we want to be a welcoming state; a state that, no matter your identity, will treat you with dignity and respect?

The policy proposals contained within this book will form the foundation of a Gregg/Hale administration. These are issues that all Hoosiers should be discussing, whether at work, at the grocery store, or at the dinner table. We believe in high-wage, high-growth jobs that will increase the quality of life for all Hoosiers. We believe in sensible public safety policy, such as acknowledging that addiction is a disease that requires treatment, not jail time. We believe that Indiana's crumbling infrastructure has been ignored for far too long; yet our potential to be the intermodal crossroads of America vastly outweighs our structural weaknesses. We believe in high-­quality, universal pre-kindergarten because every Hoosier should have the same chance to excel in life. We believe that more should be done to help Indiana's veterans, and that we need to better protect our environment. Finally, we believe that all Hoosiers deserve full rights and protections from discrimination under state law, and we will make sure that Indiana is a state that welcomes all peoples and ideas.

It's time to turn the page in Indiana. We need to rebuild our international reputation and refocus state government on the addressing the big mission: strengthening our economy, schools, infrastructure, and public safety, instead of focusing on contrived social issues that only serve to divide us. We can do more, we can do better, and, under a Gregg/Hale administration, we will move Indiana forward.

—John R. Gregg, September 25, 2016

Biography  [born Sept. 6, 1954]

Meet John Gregg

An experienced and well respected public servant, John Gregg has spent more than 30 years in private business and public life working to bring people together to get things done.

John is a lifelong resident of Sandborn, Indiana, in rural Knox County. He earned undergraduate degrees from Vincennes University and Indiana University and, while working full time, earned a master’s degree from Indiana State and a law degree from Indiana University.

After working for two Fortune 500 companies, in the energy field, John was elected in 1986 to represent Southwest Indiana in the Statehouse. He served in the Indiana House of Representatives for 10 years before being elected Speaker of the House in 1996. In his six years as Speaker, John worked with both political parties to cut taxes, balance budgets, expand Indiana’s economy and better support public schools, all while overseeing record surpluses.

In 2002 he decided to spend more time with his children and retired from public office. The following year, Governor Frank O’Bannon asked John to serve as interim President of Vincennes University, where he worked to expand the curriculum, increase access and to keep tuition costs down.

Following his tenure at Vincennes, John returned to his law practice, wrote a book and hosted a popular weekend radio talk show.  In 2012, John re-entered the political arena and was the Democratic Party’s nominee for governor of Indiana, coming up just short of victory in the closest race for that office in 50 years.

In May of 2015, John announced his plans to seek the governorship again, pledging to repair the damage incumbent Mike Pence has done to Indiana’s image and to be a leader for everyone. As governor, he will focus on attracting, retaining and supporting businesses that pay Hoosier workers living wages. John is committed to working with – not against – the elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction, teachers, administrators, parents and all other interested parties to improve our public schools and open the doors of higher education to more Hoosiers. Finally, he will work to build up our infrastructure – and not just our crumbling roads and bridges – but also our workforce, broadband capacity, renewable energy opportunities and health care systems so regardless of where you live in Indiana, every Hoosier will have the chance to succeed.

John proudly lives in Sandborn along with his wife, Lisa, where he tends to the family farm and continues to practice law.  The couple have three adult children, Stevie, John B., and Hunter.