Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate


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"It's time we put America first and put our families back to work!"

Dr. David Alameel is fighting to restore the American Dream.
Dr. David Alameel's story is one of hard work, sacrifice and success. At just 20 years old, David came to America from Israel, laboring in the fields to build a better life for his family.
At the age of 22, he proudly enlisted in the United States Army and then worked his way through college and a DDS from the dental school at the University of Texas.

With his wife Martha by his side, David built a successful multi-million dollar network of dental clinics that created hundreds of good jobs in Texas. By working hard and playing by the rules, David and Martha achieved their American Dream. But they see it slipping away from the next generation.

Dr. David Alameel is running for Senate to fight to keep the American Dream from falling victim to a system rigged in favor of big money special interests and Wall Street fat cats. His American Dream is for all hard-working Americans to achieve their own American Dreams.
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Dr. David Alameel's plan to Restore the American  Dream
  • Invest in quality education for all our children, not just the privileged few.
  • Rebuild an industrial economy right here in America, with millions of new, good-paying manufacturing jobs with good benefits.
  • Stand up to Wall Street's big corporations, and make them pay their fair share in taxes.
  • Eliminate unfair trade agreements that punish American workers.
  • Repeal every single outsourcing tax incentive to bring our manufacturing jobs back home.


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