Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

Card - 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". 

Working together, we made South Dakota even better...
Now, let's fix Washington!

A proven record of results ...

During Governor Rounds' eight years in office:

•  #1 State Tax Business Climate Index (Tax Foundation)
•  #1 Small Business Survival Index
(Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council)
•  #1 Business Tax Index: State Tax Systems for Entrepreneurship & Small Business
(Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council)
•  2nd lowest state tax rate per capita in the nation
(Tax Foundation)
(Lowest in the nation if you don't smoke!)

•  The state budget was balanced every year;

•  3rd largest increase in per-capita personal income growth in the nation;

•  Over 28,000 more people with jobs in South Dakota from 2003-2010 despite the national recession;

•  Construction of the Sanford Underground Laboratory at Homestake and initialization of the first experiments at the 4,850-foot level of the mine;

•  Substantial advancement of the ethanol and wind energy sectors;

•  Record enrollment at state universities and technical schools, established 10 nationally competitive research centers, and increased annual external funding for research from $54 million to $154 million to provide our students with graduate work, keeping them in South Dakota.

Washington DC needs a dose of South Dakota common sense...

America is strong, but Washington is broken. We must restore the principles that made America great - limited government, individual responsibility, less regulation and more freedom... so we can keep the American dream alive for our children and future generations.

We will:
•  Reduce or eliminate the over-burdensome federal regulations that are crippling our economy.

•  Repeal Obamacare. (Governor Rounds sued the federal government to stop its implementation in 2010.)

•  Cut spending, balance the federal budget and reduce the debt before it is too late. The federal government must quit spending money and sending the bill to the next generation.

•  Dramatically cut the size of government and reduce the out-of-control federal bureaucracy.

•  Protect and defend our constitutional right to bear arms.

•  Protect those who cannot protect themselves - the very young and the very old.

The federal government should focus on its primary mission-­the defense of our country and the protection of our borders.     
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