Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

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Independent Honesty

*  Born in Hartford, SD, raised in Humboldt, SD

*  Three-term U.S. Senator for South Dakota, two-term Congressman

*  Fulbright Professor

*  All-American 4-H Winner

*  University of South Dakota Graduate

*  Rhodes Scholar

*  Combat Veteran of two tours in Vietnam - only veteran in the race

*  Harvard Law Graduate
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Independent US Senator
As your Independent US Senator, I would bring more power to South Dakota by ending the poisonous bickering between Republicans and Democrats.

One Six-Year Term Limitation Pledge
I will serve only one six-year term. Senators today spend over half their time raising money for the next election. I would be free to spend 100% of my time working for the people of South Dakota.

No Pay Raise for Members of Congress Until the Budget is Balanced

Defense/Foreign Policy
We need a strong national defense, but we cannot be the world's policemen. We must cut outlandish costs by modernizing our military and reducing foreign spending. We should be spending more at home, especially on education and tax relief. We must end our involvement in foreign civil wars.

As a Rhodes Scholar and Fulbright Professor, I have a detailed "Pressler Plan" to strengthen America with strong education programs.


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Return Larry Pressler to the U.S. Senate
•  Relocate US troops from obsolete foreign bases and place them on the southern border. That would secure the border at no extra cost to the US government and taxpayers, since we are already paying those troops.
•  Institute immigration reform with a path to citizenship as proposed by President Bush.

Fixing Obamacare
•  Amend the Affordable Care Act to fit South Dakota. I have proposed six changes, including the use of co-ops to deliver healthcare service in rural areas.

As an Independent, Larry Pressler only has approximately one (1.0)% of the money as his Republican and Democratic opponents. When Larry is returned to Washington he will be truly independent to serve your needs. We can only do this with your generous contribution of $25, $50, or up to the legal maximum of $2,600.

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