Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

Card- 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".  (from the primary)

"It's time to end the gridlock, shut out the extreme special interests, and listen to the will of the people. My priority will be South Carolina jobs, schools and roads. Together we can get Washington working again."


As the son of an Orangeburg County dairy farmer, Brad knows the value of hard work. While serving in the State Senate, Hutto received a 100% rating from the Chamber of Commerce for his pro-business record. In the Senate, Hutto often leads the fight to improve schools, promote renewable energy options, and protect our natural resources. He lives in Orangeburg with his wife of 28 years, Tracy, a pediatrician. They are the proud parents of son Skyler.

Brad, his wife Tracy, and their son Skyler

Brad Hutto: Change Starts NOW.
An Independent Fighter – Brad Hutto has a proven record of standing up to party bosses and special interests to do what's right for us. He will be our independent voice in the Senate.

Promoting Jobs and Higher Pay – Brad received a perfect score of 100% from the Chamber of Commerce for his hard work and leadership creating jobs. As our Senator, he will focus on creating jobs and on raising the minimum wage.

Fighting for Our Schools' Fair Share – lt's been too long since South Carolina had a US Senator focused on our public schools. Hutto will fight to ensure South Carolina gets its fair share of national school funding and help keep state leaders focused like a laser beam on our schools.

June 10th

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