Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

Card - 4" x 9".

Mark Zaccaria
Is Fighting For
•  Smaller Government
•  Lower Taxes
•  Less Burdensome Regulation
•  More American Presence Around the World
•  More Individual Liberty & Individual Responsibility at Home

www.zaccaria4senate.com @zaccaria4senate

Paid for by the Zaccaria for Senate Committee

Mark & Ruth met while Stationed at the Same Air Force Base. They've been Married for nearly Forty Years

The Candidate is:
•  A Veteran
The Father of Three
•  A Small Businessman
•  A Former Elected Official
•  An American Who Seeks to Restore the Constitution to Its Place in the USA

Elect Mark Zaccaria
November 4th, 2014