Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

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Matt Silverstein, Democratic Nominee for United State Senate

Stop Wasteful Spending!
In almost 50 years on the taxpayers payroll, Jim lnhofe has voted to increase his own pay every time it's been up for a vote. We need new leadership who will work with Republicans and Democrats to put people over party bosses. I will put the people of Oklahoma before corporate lobbyists, and families before 'fat cats.'

1. Place a permanent ban on congressional earmarks:
Eliminate pork barrel spending and target ineffective programs. Jim lnhofe has voted for more debt and more spending than any politician in our state's history. I'll put a stop to it.

2. Freeze automatic pay raises for all Members of  Congress until the budget is balanced.
Senator lnhofe missed more votes last year than any other Senator and did not have a single piece of his own legislation make it into law. Yet, he votes to give himself a raise every chance he gets.
3. Create an Office of Debt Reduction.
My focus will always be on balancing the budget, reducing regulations and investing where it makes sense and where we can afford.
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Endorsed by:
• Gov. Brad Henry
• Former Attorney General Drew Edmonson
• Joins Senator Coburn in supporting term limits

About Matt:
Matt Silverstein is not a politician, but a husband, new father, and trusted investment planner for Oklahoma families. He has spent his career helping Oklahomans save and invest wisely, so their hard-earned money is there for retirement, and for their children and grandchildren. Matt is a native of Jenks, Oklahoma, and he currently resides in Bixby with his wife, Erica and their two young daughters.

The Tulsa World calls Matt's campaign "aggressive" and "bipartisan and pragmatic."
(September 7, 2014)
The Norman Transcript says Matt "isn't the typical candidate" who is running on "strong Oklahoma principles that run counter to what lnhofe believes ... " (August 7, 2014)


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Matt@MattFor Oklahoma.com

"We need honesty and transparency...people over special interests."
- Matt

Matt Silverstein is not a politician, but a husband, new father, and trusted investment planner for Oklahoma families. Matt's secure and fiscally responsible approach to investing has resulted in national recognition for his business success in the small businessman, Matt helps families save and invest wisely, so their hard-earned money is there for their retirement and for their children and grandchildren.

Matt is concerned that constant conflict and fiscal irresponsibility by BOTH parties in Washington is putting future generations hopelessly in debt, and he will use his financial background to help put our nation's fiscal house in order.
Matt is a lifelong Oklahoman whose family ties predate statehood. He was born and raised in Tulsa where he attended Jenks High School. His maternal grandmother was a full-­blood Choctaw Native American who was thrown into a government boarding school where she was beaten if she spoke her native Choctaw language. Her stories, along with the stories of his Polish Jewish ancestry, shaped his philosophy that government cannot be allowed to become too big or too powerful.

Matt received his B.A. in Political Science at the University of Michigan. He worked for US Senator Carl Levin in Washington DC and several congressional campaigns during the summers. He currently resides in Bixby with his wife, Erica, and two-year-old daughter, Norah.

Card- 5 3/4" x 9".

Elect Matt Silverstein, Member of the Choctaw Nation
Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate

SUPPORTING Tribal Sovereignty
PRESERVING Native Culture
"I do not believe and will not support as a US Senator the notion that tribal immunity was invented by judges; in fact, I don't even believe it was created by statute. Instead, it is embedded in the national thumbprint of the United States as an irreversible and irrefutable identity and has long been part of America's common law. To say otherwise flies in the face of two centuries of jurisprudence respecting that tribes were self-sustaining political communities long before the founding of this country."
-Matt Silverstein, 07/12/14, Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes

Matt with Osage Chief Standing Bear    Matt with Choctaw Chief Batton


The 21st century attack on tribal sovereignty will not come and has not come in the form of a sword, it will come and has come in the form of an ink pen.

About Matt:
As a Choctaw citizen and the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, Matt Silverstein believes in the fundamental sovereignty of Native people and the preservation of Native culture. Matt is running against career politician Jim lnhofe to put government back to work for us.

•    Puts Tribal Sovereignty first
•    Every Judge up for confirmation upholds inherent rights of Native Americans
•    Preserve the culture, language and traditions of our grandparents
•    Put working families ahead of rich lobbyists and big corporations
•    Tighten the budget, eliminate waste and reduce government duplication
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