Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

Card - 4 1/2" x 11".

"I grew up in a family that got by but never ahead.
I'm running for Senate because Mississippians shouldn't be just getting by – we should be building for the future."
–Travis Childers

"When I was 16, my dad died, my mom picked up a second job, and I worked after school at a convenience store. I grew up fast and sometimes hard. But I was a product of Mississippi public schools, attended community college, and graduated from Ole Miss. Right after college, I started a small business with my wife, and we've been running it together for 33 years.

"I know how to help small businesses create jobs. All Washington knows is how to bicker. I'll teach Washington the Mississippi values I was raised on to help our families."
– Travis Childers

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"For me it's not about left or right – it's about right and wrong. It's right to protect Social Security and Medicare, and it's wrong to ship jobs overseas."
–Travis Childers
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Travis Childers will help Mississippians by:

  • Protecting Social Security from privatization and Medicare from cuts
  • Helping small businesses create jobs by supporting tax breaks for small businesses that put people back to work
  • Fighting to improve our public schools and make college affordable
  • Supporting equal pay for equal work
  • Making the minimum wage a living wage
  • Working to end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs to India and China

Travis Childers
Putting Mississippi first