Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

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is running for United States Senate because she believes we need more courage and honesty in Washington.

grew up in Hancock, Maine. She served as Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine for eight years. In that leadership role, she worked with Republicans and Democrats alike to pass groundbreaking privacy and civil rights laws, making Maine a leader nationwide.

Shenna understands the lives of working Mainers. Her father runs a small carpentry business. Her mother is a nurse.

Shenna is running to increase economic fairness, restore our constitutional rights, and protect the environment.

Shenna believes that coalitions can change the world. She has been a leader in Mainers United for Marriage, Protect Maine Votes, the Maine Immigrants' Rights Coalition, the Maine Choice Coalition, the Coalition for Maine Women, and the Maine Freedom of Information Coalition.

In Washington, she will work for change by building coalitions based on shared values, without compromising principles.

"I believe that is because she has never forgotten her roots, she reveres that Bill of Rights that was on her bedroom wall as a kid, and she has great empathy for those who struggle and knows those struggles firsthand. It is, at the end of the day, all about values for Shenna Bellows."
-George Smith, Kennebec Journal, 1/15/14


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Meet Shenna Bellows

Democrat for U.S. Senate

Shenna grew up in Hancock County, the daughter of a carpenter and a nurse. As a longtime grassroots organizer and the Executive Director of the ACLU Maine, Shenna helped lead the victorious fights for marriage equality, voting rights, reproductive freedom, and civil liberties. When in Washington, Shenna will draw on her working class values to stand up for Maine families.   @bellows4senate
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As a U.S. Senator, Shenna will always stand up for the interests of working families and the rights of everyday Americans. When in Washington, Shenna will:
  • Restore and protect our constitutional freedoms
  • Raise the minimum wage, so that no one who works full time is forced to live in poverty
  • Invest in an economy that will grow small businesses instead of giving handouts to big corporations
  • Expand and protect Medicare and Social Security, so seniors don't have to choose between paying for food or paying for medicine
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