Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

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Brian Herr,Candidate for U.S. Senate
, works in the commercial construction industry and served 9 years in numerous elected positions, including Selectman in Hopkinton. Brian is one of 7 children born to Siobhan and Donnachadh Herr, who emigrated from Ireland. Brian is married to Mary Murphy, a former Newton kindergarten teacher. Together they co-founded Hooray for Books, a small business focused on early childhood education. Brian is active in the community serving as a youth coach and as a Founding Member of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge. Brian has run the Boston Marathon 25 times consecutively, personally raising more than $250,000 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Brian and Mary have 5 children.

Brian and family.

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In the United States Senate Brian Herr will work across party lines to make decisions in Washington that are best for the citizens of Massachusetts.

•  Promote federal policies that create jobs and invigorate our economy.

•  Invest in and rebuild America's crumbling roads and bridges.

•  Support an increase in federal funding for medical research. Cures for many types of cancer and other deadly diseases are within our reach.

•  Invest in research and development for alternative means of energy.

•  Repeal and redirect Obamacare back to the states.

•  Fully support pro choice and pro marriage equality positions and policy.

•  Oppose amnesty,secure the borders and pass immigration reform.

•  Improve job training, increase work force flexibility and establish equal pay for equal work.

•  Reform Washington by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment and imposing Term Limits on Members of Congress.  
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When elected to the United States Senate, Brian Herr will:

  • Sponsor legislation to amend the U.S. Constitution and impose term limits on all Members of Congress.
  • Vote to simplify our tax code and lower taxes.
  • Sponsor legislation to amend the U.S. Constitution with a Balanced Budget Amendment.
  • Vote to repeal and redirect Obamacare back to the states.

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Real Experience. Real Results.

A long-time fiscal conservative with a proven record of earning votes from Democrats and Independents.

  • As a two-term Selectman, transformed local government to run more like a private sector business.
  • As Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, cut the size of government, balanced the budget and kept taxes low.

The real world experience to grow the economy, create jobs and set us on a path to prosperity.

  • 29-year veteran of the electrical distribution/ commercial construction industry.
  • Co-owner of Hooray for Books, a small business that focuses on early childhood education.
  • Founding Member, former Chairman, and the only 25-year runner of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.
  • Active in his community coaching numerous youth sports including Pop Warner Football, Little League Baseball, Girls and Boys Soccer and Hopefuls Downhill Ski Racing.
  • Lives in Hopkinton with his wife Mary Murphy and their five children.

Mile 20 - Heartbreak Hill - 2014 Boston Marathon