Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

Card- 4" x 9".

Before Jim Oberweis became CEO of his own billion dollar asset management company - Oberweis Asset Management - he worked as a math and science teacher with a flair for numbers, and Jim works as a Director of Northern Illinois Food Bank. Jim's numbers' savvy took him down a path to become a stock analyst, a Mutual Fund portfolio manager, and CEO. Along the way, Jim bought the single-store Oberweis Dairy and worked hard to grow the business into 44 retail ice cream and dairy stores that have given jobs to over 1,000 employees.

Jim Oberweis has worked to prove his business and complex financial analysis expertise and his devotion to job creation. As a State Senator and Republican Party State Central Committeeman, Jim knows how to bring people together to solve our legislative problems. Jim is exactly the kind of person Illinois needs in Washington, DC to WORK for Illinois families as they struggle to maintain their financial footing in a changing economy.

As your next United States Senator, Jim will:

WORK to create new businesses and more jobs;
WORK to secure our borders and solve immigration issues;
to make the Federal tax code simple and fair;
WORK to fix the problems with the new health care system;
to eliminate corruption, waste and inefficiency.

Jim believes WASHINGTON won't WORK until we change who's WORKING there.

To join Jim's campaign, please visit   @Oberweis2014

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A New Voice In The U.S. Senate

Restore Our Economy, Take Back Our State

Jim Oberweis for U.S. SENATE

Jump Starting Our Economy
Jim knows how to create new jobs and new businesses in Illinois and throughout our country. Taking over for his ailing brother, Jim Oberweis took the helm of the single store Oberweis Dairy and grew the business into 44 retail ice cream stores with over 1,000 employees. Oberweis Dairy products contain no bovine growth hormones (rBGH).

Clamping Down On The IRS
The IRS is supposed to collect taxes, not inflict punishment on the political opponents of powerful Senate Democrats or the President. Liberal Illinois Senator Dick Durbin demanded the IRS Director investigate not-for-profit groups with conservative political views. Now the IRS officials are pleading the 5th while conservatives are demanding the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate missing emails and internal memos. Using the IRS as a political hammer is illegal and needs to stop immediately.

Demanding Term Limits
I favor both state and federal proposals to limit legislators' terms. 40 year career politicians like Dick Durbin invariably start representing the government establishment and the special interests who finance their campaigns rather than the families they take an oath to protect. By limiting service in office, we are ensuring representatives will be loyal to the people they are supposed to represent rather than the special interests.

Pastor Corey Brooks endorses Jim.

Jim Oberweis
  • State Senator (R - Sugar Grove)
  • Founder -­ Oberweis Funds
  • Chairman­ - Oberweis Dairy
  • Director - Northern Illinois Food Bank
  • Founder­ - Oberweis Foundation
  • Marmion Military Academy Graduate
  • University of Illinois - B.A.
  • University of Chicago - M.B.A.

"I believe we can't change Washington until we change the people in Washington. I was the first Illinois official to call for a Special Federal Prosecutor to investigate the IRS for abusing its power to investigate contributors to opponents of powerful Washington politicians. I will expose the corruption that is diminishing faith in our government." -Jim