Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

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First an Idaho Governor tough enough to cut property taxes.

Now a new kind of Senator tough enough to fight the "business as usual" establishment in Washington.

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Jobs As Idaho's Governor and Lt. Governor, my top priority was always quality jobs for hardworking Idahoans.
As a U.S. Senator I continued this fight, working to put policies in place that help businesses grow and eliminate stifling regulations.

Debt This government is trying to spend its way to prosperity. We must learn to live within our means and balance the budget at the national level like we do here in Idaho. I am passionate about this issue. Every day I fight to change the tax and spend programs of the Obama administration. That is why I am ranked the most conservative member of the U.S. Senate.

Taxes As Idaho's 31st Governor, I delivered the largest tax cut in Idaho's history by stopping skyrocketing property taxes, tax increases that were driving families from their homes. As Senator, I consistently fight the Obama administration's introduction of new and costly programs and higher taxes to pay for them.

Agriculture I am a farmer, a rancher and an irrigator. I have consistently received the Friend of Agriculture award for my years of dedicated support for Idaho Agriculture.

"My family is the best reason I have for keeping Idaho a great and safe place to live."
A common sense conservative

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