Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

Card - 5.9" x 3.8"


INDEPENDENT candidate for US Senate


319-333-...                 @IowaRick    

99 REASONS TO VOTE FOR RICK 1) he's going to win - you want to be able to say you voted for him, 2) he is an Independent, 3) he is not a Democrat, 4) he is not a Republican, 5) he listens to all sides of all issues, even after he thinks he knows the best answer, just to be sure, 6) he's grabbed the third rail of Social Security and Medicare, 7) when he explains nasty things like economics, he makes you chuckle, 8} he will never send you junk mail, 9) he will never robocall you at dinner time, 10) he will never annoy you with mindless TV commercials, 11) he's awfully good looking, 12) he will never ask you for a campaign donation, 13) he will end the War on Drugs right now, thank you very much, end of story, 14) he believes the government should never tell anyone who they can or cannot marry, 15) his website is not pure drivel - it actually says something, 16) he's an Iowa boy, 17) he's also a man of the world, 18) you can call him at 319-333-4449 and he will talk with you (until you hang up, which he will eventually notice), 19) he is not a lawyer, 20) those biker shorts are something else (and for someone else, perhaps 40 years younger), 21) he's been to North Korea, he's been to Iran, he's been to Iraq, that's the entire axis of evil, 22) in 1992 he was Iowa's small businessperson of the year, 23) and the first national runner up, 24) his mom wants you to! 25) he gives a money back guarantee on all his campaign promises, 26) he's already against the next war, 27) he is an open book - check out his bio at, 28) he has strong opinions, 29) when presented with new information- he changes his mind, 30) he's against ag subsidies- aren't you? 31) he walks his talk, 32) he'll get the government out of your pocketbook and out of your bedroom, 33) he's quite intelligent, even though he does tend to talk too much, 34) he will save Social Security and Medicare from the people who want to 'save' them, 35) shaved heads turn you on, 36) he doesn't need the money, 37) he doesn't need the job, 38) he built his own website, 39) he wears Google Glass (dork alert!), 40) he will never lie to you, 41) he can explain why student loans are bad for students, 42) he's a Taekwondo black belt, 43) he hiked the Appalachian Trail start to finish, 44) he will protect all of your actual rights, including those enumerated in the Constitution, 45) he won't promise to give you rights you can never actually have, 46) he treks tourists up and down Guatemalan volcanoes to support a school for impoverished children, 47) at age 60 he broke three ribs when he dumped his KLX 250 at the dirt track, 48) he's been working since he was an 8 year old paper boy, 49) he's one of Iowa's most successful entrepreneurial small businessmen, 50) he went from pot smoking hippie to uniformed police officer in 30 days, 51) he was fired from the police two years later for refusing to shave his beard - Question Authority! 52) he went to the same elite prep school as the Bush brothers ... and HafsatAbiola, 53) he has an MBA from the University of Chicago, graduating with high honors and a ponytail, 54) he worked 5 months on a kibbutz in Israel, 55) he digs his own dandelions, 56) he is descended from two Revolutionary War veterans, 57) he will take peace making away from the military, 58) he will de-militarize the police, 59) he delivered all four of his children at home, with no doctor or midwife, 60) he still hitchhikes, which drives his children over the edge, 61) three of his grandchildren are both black and Mexican, 62) he can drive the big rigs - 18 wheelers, 63) his hair doesn't get in his eyes, 64) he will tax the 1% and they will like it (really!), 65) he was in the 1%, once, 66) he also worked for 75 cents an hour, once, 67) he despises Drug Warriors and their ilk and has vowed to eliminate them, 68) he is a Glock Armorer, 69) he is a trained diesel mechanic, 70) he can solve differential equations, 71) he read Ulysses, holed up in a Chiang Mai hotel room for 30 days, 72) he built his own PC, and his mother's, too, 73) the business he started is the most respected natural foods company in the country - check out, 74) In 1983 Frontier was #78 on Inc. magazine's list of "America's Fastest Growing Companies," 75) he started HerbFest, 76) he went to Wadena and used a fake Press Card to get a stage pass, 77) he lets you vote on issues at his website, 78) he reads the Journal of Economic Perspectives, 79) in 2012 he humbled the profoundly evil Commission on Presidential Debates, 80) he will eliminate foreign terrorism against America, 81) he will reduce domestic terrorism to near insignificance, 82) Calvin Coolidge is his favorite 20th century president, 83) the values he lives by include, "in all that I do, at all times and with all people, I will conduct my affairs, the affairs of my campaign, and the affairs of my office with unwavering integrity," 84) he thinks politics without humor is deadly, 85) he usually has at least ten $2 bills in his pocket, 86) he grows his own tomatoes and basil and puts them on homemade pizza, 87) he is pro immigration, 88) he will end illegal immigration, 89) he will charge immigrants $30,000 for a green card, 90) he has season tickets to the symphony, 91) he studied French in Paris, Spanish in Spain, and Chinese in Beijing, 92) his chocolate chip cookies are dangerously delicious, 93) he doesn't own a TV, 94) he does his own income taxes with paper and pencil and no computer, 95) he will reduce the income tax instructions to less than one page, 96) he will eliminate the minimum wage and replace it with a much higher solidarity wage, 97) you can actually talk to him, 98) he's The Smart Choice For Iowa, 99) you will like him, 100) a bonus (everyone deserves a Solidarity bonus)- he already likes you.

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ed. note: In one of the more interesting lit. pieces of the cycle, Mr. Stewart fit all the above on a 6" x 4" card.