Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

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For our children, for our ohana, for everyone who believes in protecting our way of life...
We have Senator Brian Schatz.

"Senator Schatz is protecting Hawai'i's values and fighting every day on behalf of middle-class families. There is no question that Senator Schatz is the right choice to continue delivering for Hawai'i."
 – President Barack Obama

Growing up in Hawai'i,
Brian Schatz was taught fairness.

"Schatz. . .co-sponsors. . .Paycheck Fairness Act. . ."  –Civil Beat, 4/14/14

"Schatz promotes Social Security legislation"  – Star Advertiser, 8/8/13

Brian lives under one roof with his wife, their two children, and his wife's parents, George and Ping. He understands we must protect and support past, present, and future generations.

As our Senator, Brian has:

·  Co-sponsored equal pay for equal work legislation
·  Protected Medicare and Social Security
·  Worked to improve our schools to help every child succeed
·  Fought to grow Hawai'i's clean-energy economy to protect our environment and create jobs
·  Voted to require background checks for ALL gun purchases


Vote Brian Schatz for Senate
Campaign Co-Chairs: Roland Casamina, Mary Matayoshi, and Norman Mizuguchi
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I am honored to represent our local families in the U.S. Senate, and stand up for the issues that matter most to us here in Hawaii.

Our campaign is about representing Hawaii values, and working to advance issues that are most important to our friends, family, and neighbors. That's why I'm committed to:

•  Helping our seniors retire with dignity by protecting and increasing Social Security benefits. I'm currently spearheading a bill that will expand benefits by about $65 a month, and secure Social Security for decades to come.

•  Reducing prescription drug costs for Medicare. I'm fighting to require pharmaceutical companies to reduce pricing on drugs used by low-income seniors and people with disabilities.

•  Growing our economy by making investments in clean energy. In the Senate, I'm working to require large carbon pollution emitters to pay for the pollution they emit. Reducing gun violence by fighting for common-sense background checks on gun purchases.

•  Protecting a woman's right to choose. I strongly believe that every woman has the right to make decisions about her ovm body.

Brian Schatz

Brian Schatz, U.S. Senator

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"I stand with Brian Schatz so he can keep fighting for Hawaii's values in the U.S. Senate."

I want to help by:
Going door to door to talk to my neighbors
Making phone calls
Hosting a coffee hour in my neighborhood
Putting up a yard sign

PO Box 3828  Honolulu, HI 96812
808-664-    www.brianschatz.com

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