Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate
Brochure - 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".

"Taking away our rights and freedoms as Coloradans. 
That's Congressman Cory Gardner's history and it's troubling to all of us..."

"Gardner sponsored a bill to make abortion a felony - even in cases of rape or incest."

"Gardner voted to end Medicare's guaranteed benefits and to make deep cuts to Social Security."

"Gardner even opposed equal pay for women when we do the exact same work as men."

"He led an eight year crusade that would make birth control illegal, and he's still sponsoring that legislation today."

Mark Udall Respects and Protects Our Rights As Women. As Families. As Coloradans.

Mark Udall is a lifelong Westerner. He respects our right to live life on our own terms - the freedom to make our own choices, control our own bodies, raise our own families.

He honors the promise of a secure and healthy retirement that we've earned from a lifetime of hard work. And he passionately stands up for our right to simply be left alone by government.

That's the Colorado way.
That's Mark Udall.

A Neighbor Who Cares.
A Senator Who Delivers.

"In September 2013, a mudslide came down and flooded our entire town.

Mark Udall immediately came to help, and he's been by our side ever since, like a friend and neighbor.

He helped us rebuild, got us the funding and support, made sure our little town - our home - wasn't forgotten."

-Tara Schoedinger
Mayor of Jamestown, CO
Paid for by the Colorado Democratic Party.
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