Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

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Mark Pryor
Puts Arkansas First

Mark Pryor  Puts Arkansas First

Strengthening Medicare and Social Security
Mark Pryor knows that Arkansas relies on Medicare and Social Security more than most states. He works hard to protect and preserve these vital programs that are so essential to our seniors' retirement.
Mark will always fight back against those who want to privatize these pro­grams and endan­ger the health and financial well-being of seniors and their families.

Protecting Our Children
Mark has been an outspoken leader in protecting our children. His efforts banned lead in kids' toys and restricted inappropriate content on the Internet.
He also took on the big tobacco companies and fought to crack down on nicotine in products marketed to Arkansas children.
Economic Security
Mark wants every hardworking Arkansan to earn a decent living, and that's why he supports the minimum wage increase in Arkansas proposed for the November 4th ballot.
Mark also supports equal pay for equal work because paying women a fair wage will boost every Arkansas family's income. Mark is also pushing for an end to tax breaks for companies that ship Arkansas jobs overseas. 

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Mark Pryor
Puts Arkansas First

Mark Pryor  A Champion of Equal Rights for Every Arkansan

  • Protecting Voting Rights. Pryor voted to extend the Voting Rights Act and is fighting to strengthen this vital law that ensures all Americans can exercise their right to vote.

  • Head Start For Kids. Mark Pryor supported efforts to strengthen the Head Start program that provides early childhood education to help low-income children get ahead in school.

  • Make College More Affordable. Pryor helped make college more affordable for low­ income students by increasing the number of Pell Grants, work­ study and Perkins loans.

  • Honoring The Little Rock Nine. Mark Pryor led efforts to secure funding for the Little Rock Central High School Visitors' Center, so that future generations will know the courage of the Little Rock 9 as they stood up for equality.

  • Expanded Opportunities. Pryor passed new laws to expand online learning opportunities and computer equipment at historically Black Colleges and Universities, and proposed a grant program to increase the number of  minorities in the high-paying fields of science, technology and math.

  • Raising The Minimum Wage. Throughout his entire career, Pryor has supported raising the minimum wage, including a current proposal in Arkansas to increase it to $8.50/hour.

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