Nov. 4, 2014 Governor

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November 4, 2014               INDEPENDENT FOR GOVERNOR

Don Wills Offers Solutions

Don Wills
The First Independent to Run For Governor in 56 years

My Promise to You

As governor, I promise to work to implement these solutions to the many issues that face the citizens of Wyoming.

Many of the solutions proposed here require action by the legislature. I will work diligently and openly with the legislature to accomplish the agenda described on this page.

About Me
I am 64 years old. I am the father of two married daughters in their 30's, and the grandfather of two young ladies ages 3 and 5. They are the reason that I decided to get involved with politics. The future of our country is in peril because of the profligate spending and nanny-state mentality of our political leaders, both in Washington, DC and in Wyoming.

I was born in downstate Illinois in an agricultural area in a town of 10,000. I received a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, I raised my family in Illinois, and I built a national software company that currently has more than 80 full time employees. I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operation of my company - that's why I have the time to be involved in politics.

I moved to Jackson nine years ago when I semi-retired to hike Yellowstone, the Tetons and the Winds. I truly enjoyed my five years in Jackson where the wildlife and beauty was breathtaking. Four years ago I bought a home on 640 acres in the bluffs south of Pine Bluffs which where I live today.
I understand that not being a Wyoming native is potentially a problem for some voters who might question my motives or sincerity in trying to become governor. I hope I can meet with as many of you as possible to assure you that I have embarked on this campaign for the reasons outlined here.

As an exile from Illinois, I watched for 35 years as Illinois changed from being a great place to raise a family and build a business, to being the corrupt and almost bankrupt state that it is now. It didn't happen overnight. Several governors were convicted of crimes and went to jail. The good old boy network in Illinois is driven by greed, fraud and corruption. The handouts to the unions and big contractors are ludicrous. The honest citizens of Illinois truly don't know what to do.

When I became involved with politics here in 2007, I saw glimpses of the saine kind of dishonesty, back room dealing and corruption that plagues Illinois. As I have gotten to know more about the Wyoming legislature,'the bureaucracy and the good old boy network that actually controls Wyoming government, the more it seems to me to be like Illinois in its early stages of decay. Wyoming is not yet as bad as Illinois, but on its current course, when mineral royalty revenues start to decrease, taxes will increase and Wyoming companies and citizens will start to jump ship- just like what happened in Illinois.

I truly enjoy the honesty and friendliness of the people of Wyoming. I will be traveling the state during this campaign and I will try to meet as many of you as is humanly possible.

Don Wills


Citizens have no idea about how much money the state of Wyoming is spending, or what it is being spent for.
Solution: During my term in office, a web site will be implemented that provides all of the details of financial commitments and payments made by all departments, and will be up to date to the end of the prior business day.

Wyoming state and local government spending is out of control, and there will likely be a push to increase taxes.
Solution: Certain aspects of Wyoming spending are controlled by the governor. For example, I will direct WYDOT to sell the two Cessna Citation V jets and replace them with less expensive turboprops. Where spending is mandated by law, I will work with the legislature to reduce spending, usirig my veto authority if necessary. I will veto any budget that does not cut spending at least 10% per year. I will veto any increase in taxes or fees. I will use my influence to repeal the 10% fuel tax increase, and to reduce the state portion of the sales tax.

The federal government has taken control of our K-12 education decision making through Common Core and federal grants.
Solution: Common Core will be ended in Wyoming. It will be replaced with cur­riculum and testing that is chosen by Wyo­.ming teachers and political leaders within 2 years. I will appoint only those who are committed to completely disconnecting the Wyoming K-12 education system from the federal government to the State Board of Education.

Excessive state and local regulation is hurting economic growth in Wyoming.
Solution: I will work with the legislature to streamline government bureaucracy and rules down to essential functions, and no more. Many regulations come about because of the dozens of commissions that write regulations without any regard to the necessity or cost of those regulations. I will only appoint people who will shrink the regulatory state to such commissions.

The federal government continues to usurp the authority of Wyoming to manage land and water resources.
Solution: I will direct all State of Wyoming agencies and departments to not cooperate with the EPA, NFS, BLM and other federal agencies for those regulatory· issues that are constitutionally reserved to be the responsibility of the states. I will work with the legislature to enact laws that take back regulatory control of NFS and BLM lands.

Election laws in Wyoming are heavily tilted in favor of incumbents, and against independents and third parties.
Solution: I will work with the legislature to level the playing field. I will start the process of replacing the broken election system with a completely new system that does away with primaries and allows voters to vote their conscience for their favorite candidate while not having to worry about splitting the vote for two similar candidates such that an opponent would win without a majority.

The police in Wyoming are becoming more militarized, with the predictable result of less trust and cooperation of citizens with police.
Solution: I will veto any bill that provides for an increase in military gear or training for officers in Wyoming. I will remove the MRAPs owned by police departments, storing them for dire emergency use only by the state militia.

Wyoming gun owners today must be very careful about where the carry their concealed firearms because of the multitude of places where either state law or local ordinances make it illegal to carry.
Solution: I will make it abundantly clear to the leaders of the legislature that increasing the locations for law-abiding citizens to carry firearms is a high priority.

The common law right of people to produce food on small farms for sale locally has been almost completely ended by both state and federal laws and regulations.
Solution: When the federal government tries to stop the sale of privately produced food, I will direct all law enforcement agencies in Wyoming to not cooperate with federal agents. Where state law prohibits such activities as producing and selling raw milk, I will work with the legislature to enact laws that remove regulation and prohibition of such activities.

Property is being stolen by policee departments using civil asset forfeiture when nobody is even arrested.
Solution: Within my authority to direct the Attorney General to stop state and local law enforcement from stealing property from people without charging anyone with a crime. I will support enactment of laws to provide much stronger protection of property so that no property can be taken without due process and a warrant for such action issued by a judge. 

Houses and cars are being taken by IRS agents without having a state warrant to take such property. County Clerks are cooperating with federal agents by transferring property and sanctioning auctions of property solely on the administrative papers of the IRS.
Solution: Such practices will be stopped. If any officer or other employee of state or local government cooperates with such theft, I will direct the attorney general to initiate proceedings to remove those people from their positions for violation the oath of office and the laws of the State of Wyoming.

The pensions system for Wyoming employees is a ticking time bomb that could cause severe budget shortfalls in future years.
Solution: I will work with the legislature to enact a law that makes all new state employees be enrolled in a defined contributions pension system, grandfathering the existing pension plans. Promises made to existing employees who participate in the current defined benefit plan will be kept by fully funding those pension plans.