Nov. 4, 2014 Governor
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I have the necessary leadership, experience, and education to be Governor. I have owned and operated a small aviation business for the last seven years, and have successfully navigated my business through difficult economic times. I have handled the budget at the State Board of Education for the last two years, and have returned a surplus each year. For six years, I have been responsible for the daily management of the Flight Operations Department of the Wyoming Department of Transportation and have been responsible for the scheduling, dispatch and operational performance of the state's aircraft.
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As a civil servant and small business owner, I believe that I have a unique perspective on the roles and responsibilities of the public and private sectors. I have come to know that it is the quality and integrity of the people that comprise each entity that truly matters, and I am committed to enlisting the services of the good people of Wyoming, without regard to party affiliation, to secure our future.

The most significant issue facing Wyoming is the failure of elected officials to engage in honest and transparent discussions and a refusal to listen to their constituents in meaningful ways. An example of this was Senate File 104 (removal of duties from Superintendent of Public Instruction) I will ask that it be repealed and all changes to the five statewide elected offices be handled by Constitutional amendment. I will work to open my administration to the public by providing more access to the deliberative process, and schedule public engagement opportunities throughout the state, in person, and interactively using social media.

In Wyoming, we will need to work on economic diversity by preparing our students with the critical thinking, work ethic and skill requirements of the 21st century. We will need to provide the necessary infrastructure in our communities and support our existing businesses with the technical experience that will help their business grow. My administration will work with all of the available resources in Wyoming to help craft a solution that adapts our traditional energy sources to meet market requirements, diversifies our energy portfolio and uses energy efficiently in all of our public buildings. To lower the cost of healthcare premiums, reduce the uncompensated care that threatens the existence of our healthcare facilities and provide access to healthcare for nearly 18,000 of our working people, we will need to expand Medicaid in Wyoming. We will ensure our wildlife heritage by finding a reliable funding source for habitat improvement, recreational access and youth outreach for our outdoor industries. Additionally, my administration will work diligently to expand access to early childhood education, remove unnecessary testing and remove the censure of science in our schools. Finally, my administration will address gender-based wage disparity, workplace safety, disability waivers and matters of equality in Wyoming.

I am a firm believer that Wyoming people can craft their own solutions in these areas and many others. Solutions will require an open debate that focuses on citizens instead of special interests.

Pete Gosar for Governor