Nov. 4, 2014 Governor
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Why vote Libertarian?

Maximum Freedom:

•    Drug law reform
•    Repeal the SAFE Act
•    Protect Privacy

A Plan to Grow Our Economy

•    Serious reduction in taxes, no election season gimmicks
•    No special favors to politically connected businesses. A plan to let all businesses thrive

Sensible Education Plan

•    Full repeal of Common Core and restoration of state/local control in education.

More choices on the Ballot
•    Ballot reform to make it easier for grassroots candidates to run for state and local office

Choose the Party of Principle on November 4th
Vote McDermott for Governor

About Michael McDermott:

Libertarian Michael McDermott is real estate broker and former School Board President from Huntington Station, NY.
Mike's been a longtime advocate for individual liberty and limited government. He's running to provide a better future for his daughters by fighting common core and advocating for sustainable spending policies that'll put New York on the right path for years to come.
Contact him at 631-358-... or

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Or mail a check with your name and contact info to:

McDermott for New York Governor 27 Lancaster Pl
Huntington Station, NY 11746


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The only wasted vote is a vote for a politician you disagree with!

If you're sick of Democrat and Republican policies making New York worse, don't settle for the lesser of two evils this election. The people of our state can only fix Albany if we take a principled stand this November!

Make your voice count this year: Vote Libertarian.

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