Nov. 4, 2014 Governor
Tri-fold brochure, opens to  11" x 8 1/2".

Our Governor

Bold, Bipartisan Reforms

Making New Mexico Proud
  • Time Magazine 100 most influential people in the world
  • Hispanic Business Magazine "Woman of the Year"

Improving Schools
Susana Martinez is reforming education to give students the first­class education they deserve.
•    Cut waste in the bureaucracy to put more funds directly into the classroom
•    Largest education budget in state history
•    Instituted parent portals across the state to Increase parental involvement in education
•    Graduation rates increasing at the fastest rate of any state in the nation

Helping Small Businesses Create Jobs
Governor Martinez is focused on diversifying New Mexico's economy to be less dependent on the federal government and grow more private sector jobs.
•    Signed the Bipartisan New Mexico Jobs Package that lowers the business tax rate to make New Mexico more competitive with our neighboring states
•    Closed loophole that allowed out-of-state corporations to avoid paying the same taxes as New Mexico businesses
•    Established the Office of Business Advocacy to help businesses cut through red tape
•    Increased exports - New Mexico went from 38th in export growth to first in the nation

Balanced Budget Without Raising Taxes
Susana Martinez believes that keeping our financial house in order is a top priority.
•    Closed the largest budget deficit in state history without raising taxes
•    Cut taxes 24 times so New Mexico families can keep more of what they earn
•    Sold the state's luxury jet, eliminated personal chefs at the Governor's residence and capped salaries of cabinet secretaries

Cleaning Up State Government
Governor Martinez knows New Mexicans deserve a government that is open, honest and transparent.
•    Prohibited all administration employees from lobbying for at least two years after leaving state government
•    Enacted lifetime ban on government contractors convicted of corruption
•    Required all political appointees to file financial disclosure forms
•    Significantly improved the state's Sunshine Portal so taxpayers can see where their money is being spent

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"Worst Attorney General Ever"

Gary King's own party chairman called him the "Worst Attorney General ever:' Newspapers have criticized him for everything from failing to root out Medicaid fraud to turning a blind eye to pay-to-play corruption.

The Santa Fe New Mexican went so far as to suggest Gary King should resign from office.

  • Voted for the largest tax increase in state history that hit working families the hardest - higher taxes on food, medicine and gas
  • Supports social promotion - passing a student from from one grade to the next before they have mastered the basics, like reading
  • Will continue to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

Susana Martinez
Bold Leadership To Move New Mexico Forward

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Albuquerque, NM 87190
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