Nov. 4, 2014 Governor
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Chuck Hassebrook for Governor

Ready on Day One

Chuck Hassebrook has devoted his entire adult life to helping Nebraskans build better lives and stronger communities.

Elected three times to the Board of Regents, Chuck has been instrumental in elevating the University's excellence while keeping it focused on affordable high quality education and outreach to meet the needs of our metropolitan and rural communities.

And for 17 years Chuck led the nationally respected Center for Rural Affairs, as it provided loans and expertise to thousands of small businesses and fought for a fair shake for family farms, small businesses and small towns.

Chuck Hassebrook is a native Nebraskan – his family has farmed near Platte Center for more than a century. A proud graduate of the University of Nebraska – where he served as a Regent for 18 years – Chuck makes his home in Lyons.

Through his service on the Board of Regents, the USDA North Central Regional Rural Development Center, the Nebraska Rural Development Commission and the USDA Commission on Small Farms, creating opportunity for Nebraskans has been Chuck's life calling. That reflects the commitment to our neighbors that Chuck will take to the Governor's office.

The Hassebrook Strategy to Create Genuine Opportunity for Every Nebraskan

Prepared to Lead...
Chuck's life work has prepared him to lead an economic renaissance in Nebraska. He has the experience to make state government work cost effectively and no one is better prepared to provide the vision to help our entire state compete in the 21'1 century.

Chuck understands that the key to building ONE Nebraska that can achieve its full potential lies in creating good jobs and genuine opportunity for every Nebraskan in every community. He's identified three key priorities that will put our state on the path to opportunity.

Focus on Small Business
As your governor, Chuck will support the small businesses, family enterprises and entrepreneurs that create most new jobs and have long been the backbone of our state's economy.

He's a creative thinker with new ideas for Nebraska's economy ...
Chuck helped write the Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Investment Tax Credit designed to meet the unique needs of small business—an innovative concept that has been copied at the federal level. He also initiated the tax credit that encourages landowners to rent to beginning farmers, an idea that has been adopted by a number of other states.

As governor, Chuck will help Nebraska entrepreneurs move innovations from laboratories to high growth startup businesses. These are the businesses that will provide for a strong economy down the road.

Apply Common Sense to Regulations...
Finally, Chuck understands that pointless rules can kill the entrepreneurial spirit and jobs, and he'll work to fix the bias against small business in state regulations.

Leading the Way to Good Jobs in Renewable Energy
Chuck's second priority will be to create good jobs and genuine opportunity by developing our renewable energy resources.

Seize our Opportunities...
Nebraska has the nation's third greatest wind resource for electric generation, but we lag behind neighboring states in wind generation of electricity. That's because other states encouraged wind development, while Nebraska's leaders were caught flat-footed. That's not good enough.

As your governor, Chuck will put state policy behind Nebraskans to share more fully in the jobs, wealth and opportunity our wind resource creates.

Chuck will also keep Nebraska on the forefront of biofuels. He'll bring together farm, business, and environmental leaders to prepare a plan to develop the next generation of biofuels, made from grass and crop residues, while protecting our land and water.

Invest in Nebraska's People: Educate our Children and Train our Workers
Chuck believes that the best long term investment we can make in the future of our state is expanding preschool so every child can start kindergarten prepared to learn. Giving our kids a good start and helping them stay on track will benefit all of us down the road.

To better prepare our young women for the best jobs, Chuck will foster the growth of programs that encourage girls to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Chuck will also work with community colleges, employers and schools to expand job-training programs that offer Nebraskans the skills to earn middle class incomes in welding, robotics and other critical professions. And he'll continue to work to strengthen all of our colleges and universities.

"I'm Chuck Hassebrook and I stand with Nebraska – that's why I'm running for Governor."

I believe that our state can truly be ONE Nebraska and achieve its full potential only if every Nebraskan in every community has the chance to achieve their full potential.

We can create good jobs and genuine opportunity for Nebraskans in every corner of our state. But we must invest in the education Nebraskans need to succeed in life and work, foster development of our renewable resources in ways that enable Nebraskans to share in the wealth they create and support small businesses, family farms and 21st century entrepreneurs.

My calling to serve stems from my faith. That faith that tells me that we have responsibilities to our neighbors, whether they live next door or across the state. We all have a stake in our state and our communities and an obligation to help secure their future.

It starts by creating genuine opportunity for all of our families. Together, let's build it.

– Chuck Hassebrook

Chuck Hassebrook is a University of Nebraska graduate and native of Platte Center, where his family has farmed for more than a century. He lives with his wife, Kate, in Lyons, where they are active in Bethany Lutheran Church. They have two sons, Anton and Peter, both students at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Realizing Nebraska's full potential means that every one of us has the opportunity to achieve and succeed. That's Chuck Hassebrook's plan for ONE Nebraska — and as Governor, Chuck is going to focus on the priorities that will take us there:

•    Investing in education that opens opportunity
•    Developing good jobs in renewable energy
•    Supporting job creation by small business

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For ONE Nebraska
As Governor, Chuck will:
* Invest in early childhood education
* Work with community colleges and employers to expand job training programs
* Make Nebraska's homegrown small businesses a priority
* Create more wealth by developing Nebraska's world-class wind resource

Chuck Hassebrook for Governor, 9616 M Street, Omaha, NE 68127

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Chuck Hassebrook grew up in northeast Nebraska, where his family has farmed for more than a century.

He spent his career at the Center for Rural Affairs working to provide loans, training, and business-planning assistance to over 10,000 small businesses in Nebraska.

Chuck also served 18 years as a Regent for the University of Nebraska, where his efforts led to tuition assistance for students from modest income families and the creation of a Rural Futures Institute, aimed at revitalizing small communities.

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