Nov. 4, 2014 Governor

Card - 10" x 4 1/2".

Mike Michaud will represent the state with dignity, stand up for all Mainers and work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to do what's best for our citizens.

As a young man, Mike Michaud went to work at the Great Northern Paper mill in East Millinocket—not far from his hometown of Medway. Like his father and grandfather, Mike punched a clock for 29 years and learned the Maine values of hard work, honesty and integrity.

When pollution from the mill became so bad the Penobscot River was filled with sludge, Mike decided to do something about it - to make it right and clean up the river.

Mike ran for state legislature - and won. Working with Democrats and Republicans, they cleaned up the Penobscot. Mike Michaud has never stopped working for the people of Maine.

Mike Michaud is the kind of leader Maine needs right now. A governor who will stand up for all Mainers and work with anyone to get results for our citizens.

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