Nov. 4, 2014 Governor
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Please research this material so you can make a wise voting decision. The future of Florida is in your hands.

This urgent message has been paid by Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian, for Governor. All writing was taken from the United States Constitution, personal quotes, or national lit­erature. All links, people, or organizations are not stated to be endorsed by WyllieForGov­ernor.com but are provided as an additional means of education. All quotes have been quoted as such and these quotes are the written recorded statements of these people. Statistics are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Florida Division of Elections.

Adrian Wyllie is a leading advocate for Constitutional government, free markets, sound money, and personal liberty. As a native Floridian, he served his country in the 56th Air Defense Artillery and the 53rd Infantry Brigade. His knowledge and experience have made him a successful small business owner and popular radio host.

As an active member of our community, he has served on many committees and boards in Florida. He has been married to his wife, Dawn, for 22 years, and they have two children.


Adrian Wyllie will return us back to smaller government. Many of the problems we are facing today are the result of big government and the lack of respect for the Constitution. Politicians in both Tallahassee and D.C. continue to drift afar from our founding principles. Adrian Wyllie will stand firm to protect your life, liberty, and property because he knows this is what made us the greatest nation in history.

As Governor, Adrian Wyllie will lead the charge on less taxes, budget cuts, and regulatory relief. His plan will create jobs and a booming economy.

  • Protect your Constitutional Rights
  • Reduce property taxes
  • Let the market create more jobs
  • Reduce spending
  • Have less government
  • Help with regulatory relief
  • Reduce the budget
  • End the tangible tax
  • Protect free market policies
  • Remove red light cameras
  • Stop Common Core; Keep education local
  • Return power to the State of Florida
  • Protect your gun rights
  • Keep Florida out of "Obama Care"
  • Protect your privacy from government
  • Abolish corporate subsidies
  • Work against Real ID and National ID Card



Floridians are watching as their money buys less every day. The Federal Reserve, aka the FED, is pumping massive amounts of currency into the economy, keeping interest rates at record low levels, and continues to bail out "too big to fail" banks, corporations, and even foreign nations.

Established in 1913, The Federal Reserve Bank is an unconstitutional and secretive system, controlled by private bankers. The Fed prints currency out of thin air creating inflation. This leads to rising prices on everyday things like food, gas, clothing, prescription drugs, energy, and more. This is why prices were much lower when we were children, and the reason why prices will be much higher in the future.

•    By 1933, the FED printed more currency than the U.S. had in gold bullion which backed our currency. Gold was confiscated and made illegal until 197 4. Gold was only traded with other nations.
•    In 1971, all connection between gold and the currency of the United States was ended. The U.S. was placed on a "fiat" money system, which means paper notes backed by nothing. Notice the graph and how quickly debt spikes from 1971 to today.
•    Under the FED, the largest debt in United States history has been created. The debt per citizen is over $52,500 (a family of four equals over $210,000).

Adrian Wyllie will introduce competing currencies to protect the savings and production of every Floridian from an out of control FED. Free markets always find sound money whether it is silver, gold, or something else.

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." -THOMAS JEFFERSON


Floridians are angry at the newest method of the State raising money: Red Light Cameras. With over $100 million dollars collected last year, they have become big business. After the cameras were installed, many areas saw the shortening of yellow lights to increase the number of tickets issued per FDOT rule changes. The cameras have not shown any improvement in safety, and in some. cases, have increased the number of rear end collisions. It is time to ban the red light cameras in Florida.

"Adrian Wyllie understands that we are not merely a revenue source for cash-strapped governments. We are citizens with inalienable rights, and we will be heard!"
~Henry Bentley, Founder of BantheCams.org

Never in American history has the government so blatantly violated our rights. The NSA has been and still could be operating an illegal data collecting system on millions of law abiding citizens. Phone calls, mail, and emails are being monitored without search warrants. A camera grid is being placed throughout our communities. The "Real Id Act" forces every Floridian who gets a driver's license or ID card to have their photo placed into a national facial recognition database. Adrian Wyllie will fight against these violations of our rights.

"If elected governor, I will fight to ensure Constitutional rights are protected, and I will direct the Attorney General to criminally prosecute any federal authorities that seek to violate the United States and Florida Constitutions." ~Adrian Wyllie

The leadership of both political parties has merged together to the point where we cannot tell the difference. Lobbyists are now writing the laws. Because of this, we are over taxed and over regulated. This is a direct result of the corruption and "good ole boy" system that has moved money out of our pocket and into the pockets of a privileged few. Politicians in Tallahassee and D.C. are having one big party, and we are not invited.

In 2013, hundreds of thousands of people left the Republican and Democratic Parties. Almost three million people have made a choice not to be members of the One Party System. 1his makes up 25% of all Florida voters. As this number grows, Floridians this November will send a message: Now is the time for a real leader, Adrian Wyllie.

"We are over taxed and over worked as a result of the past 2 administrations. My 7 point plan will create jobs and lower taxes." -ADRIAN WYLLIE

Adrian Wyllie's plan will create more jobs. Businesses thrive and expand in a free market of less taxes, less spending, and limited government. The more money we keep, the more we can spend and invest in ourselves. This will lead to more businesses, jobs, and prosperity.

Adrian Wyllie's plan will cut your property taxes and tangible taxes. He will cap, reduce, and eventually eliminate property taxes. As long as there is a property tax, people never truly own their homes. The tangible tax is burdening businesses and restricting their growth. By repealing the tangible tax, businesses will hire new workers and grow Florida's economy.

Adrian Wyllie is the only candidate with a plan to cut the State budget below current spending levels. Large "pork" projects and unnecessary spending fill our State's budget. Thirty percent of the budget could be cut without Floridians even noticing. We are tired of lobbyists controlling the purse strings through our legislators.

Adrian Wyllie will nullify "ObamaCare" in Florida. Historically, government produces low-quality products and services at extremely high prices. "ObamaCare" has proven again that government managed care is inefficient and poorly run. Government should not be in the medical business.

"Nullify ObamaCare now." ~Adrian Wyllie

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