Nov. 4, 2014 Governor
Card, 9" x 4".

A Vision for Alabama's Future
"I am running for governor because I want to change Alabama for the better, to fight for the hard working men and women of Alabama and free our state from the aimless, even pointless, administration of Robert Bently."
                                          Parker Griffith

As an Army reservist doctor, school teacher and then as a physician and public servant, Griffith has dedicated his professional career to serving others. Griffith founded the Huntsville Cancer Treatment Center, the first comprehensive, independent cancer treatment facility in North Alabama. In 2006, Griffith was elected by his friends and neighbors to represent his North Alabama home in the State Senate, and in 2008, the voters sent Griffith to Washington to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. Griffith had maintained his medical license continuously since 1975 and is a board certified radiation oncologist who is frequently consulted for his expertise.

Parker Griffith and his wife Virginia live in Huntsville and help manage the Griffith Family Foundation, which provides cash grants to schools to improve educational opportunities. They are the proud parents of five children and enjoy their 12 grandchildren.

Parker Griffith's Plan For Alabama

Alabama wasn't built by timid politicians like Robert Bentley who has failed us to the point that our state is 49th in job creation. Our state economy was built by the blood, sweat, toil and tears of millions of Alabama workers who took the risks, laid the brick, taught our children, cared for the sick, fought wars, and built the magnificent ma­chines that took us into space. Where there is strong leadership good jobs fol­low. Let's get our state working again.

We need to invest more in education without raising taxes. I support creating an Alabama lottery for education to make the dream of college a reality for Alabama students. It's time we stop spending our dollars to educate Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida students. As Governor I will foster academic achievement, lighten the burden of student loan debt, and keep our talented children in Alabama.

Refusing to expand Medicaid is a spiteful, self-serving act driven by Governor Bentley's fear of the Koch Brothers and their Tea Party. Bentley's stubborn refusal hurts our hospitals, citizens, and state economy. If elected I will keep Alabama tax dollars here to reform, retool and expand Medicaid. Expansion will create nearly 30,000 new jobs, make our people healthier and generate billions of dollars of economic activity.

P.O. Box 18904, Huntsville, AL, 35804 [union bug]