Nov. 6, 2012 U.S. Senate

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Maria Cantwell Knows The Middle Class Is Struggling To Make Ends Meet

That's why she's fighting for jobs, making college affordable and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

Creating Opportunities For Washington Families

Creating Good-Paying Jobs

To spur job creation, Maria Cantwell worked to cut taxes for small businesses and manufacturers and helped write a law making it easier for people with innovative ideas to get the loans they need to grow a business and hire workers.

Maria pushed banks to make loans to small businesses that want to hire new workers.
And to protect the jobs we already have, Cantwell stood up to unfair foreign competition, helping Boeing win the $35 billion dollar Air Force contract that could mean 11,000 jobs for Washington state.

Providing Opportunity For Young People And The Unemployed
As the first in her family to graduate from college, Maria understands the value of a good education. She got through college with the help of Pell Grants, and that's why she is fighting to increase Pell Grants to help other middle class kids afford college.

To retrain workers thrown out of work by the recession and prepare young people for high-paying jobs, she fought for new apprentice and training programs at Washington's community colleges and worked to build a program that helps veterans back from Iraq and Afghanistan get a job.

Fighting For Tax Fairness
Maria Cantwell understands the burden of taxes on middle income families. She has voted to cut taxes for every middle class American family, and fought to keep tax deductions for first-time homebuyers.

And Maria helped pass the law to enable Washingtonians to deduct the state sales tax they pay from federal taxes, and is working to end billions of dollars in tax giveaways to oil companies whose profits have skyrocketed as a result of high prices for gasoline.
Keeping Our Promises To Seniors
Seniors spend a lifetime preparing for retirement. That's why Maria Cantwell has kept her commitment to protect Social Security and Medicare.

Maria fought back when President Bush attempted to privatize and cut SociaI Security. And in 2011, she stood up to members of her own party who suggested cuts to Social Security. Maria will continue to fight to protect Medicare by opposing those who want to gut the program by cutting the benefits seniors rely on, and those who would increase premiums by over $6,000 dollars a year and turn over treatment decisions to insurance company bureaucrats.

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If you have not received a ballot or have questions about voting, call the Washington Secretary of State's office at:
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